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Mission Hits Journals #9 (Oct 2022 - Jan 2023)

Dear missiologists,

And (finally) here it is! Mission Hits Journals #9 (Oct 2022 - Jan 2023) - a quarterly posting linking you to all recent articles from 37 different journals/periodicals related to world mission and world Christianity

You will find links below to 20 different journal issues, containing 213 articles. With topics ranging from Chinese diaspora church in mission, to Andrew Walls' contribution to African theology, and from orality in Asia to North-South Partnership in God’s Mission, I trust you will find something to keep you informed, inspired, and thoroughly up-to-date so that you don't miss out on anything relevant to your ministry and interests.

The eagle-eyed will note that this edition comes out 4 months after the last one, not 3 as usual. Life and ministry here in Uganda has been so relentlessly intense that, alas, this is the soonest I've been able to get this compiled. For the same reason, I've not done a 'Mission Hits recommends…' highlighting one particular article in each journal. My apologies for the delay.

I sincerely hope that Mission Hits Journals #9 provides a wonderful resource for you in your ongoing missiological thought and praxis. Do let me know if there are ways that this might be more useful to you, of if there are relevant journals I've accidentally missed off!

If you have friends, colleagues, professors, or students who might benefit from this resource, please do forward it to them. Anyone can sign up simply by clicking here.

With every blessing as you live in and live out God's great mission purposes.

In Christ,


Head of Theology (Uganda Martyrs Seminary, Namugongo), DIS Fuller Theological Seminary.

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(1A) Global Missiology (Oct 2022, Vol. 19.4)

(1B) Global Missiology (Jan 2023, Vol. 20.1)

(2) Great Commission Baptist Journal of Mission (Fall 2022, Vol. 1.2)

(3A) Mission Frontiers (Nov-Dec 2022, Vol. 44.6)

(3B) Mission Frontiers (Jan-Feb 2023, Vol. 45.1)

(4) Quarterly Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association (Winter 2023, Vol. 78)

(5A) Lausanne Global Analysis (Nov 2022, Vol. 11.6)

(5B) Lausanne Global Analysis (Jan 2023, Vol. 12.1)

(6) Missionalia (2022, Vol. 50.1)

(7) Journal of Urban Mission (Dec 2022, Vol. 8.2)

(8) ANVIL: A Journal of Theology and Mission (Nov 2022, Vol. 38.2)

(9) Ecclesial Futures (Dec 2022, Vol. 3.2)

(10A) Journal of Mother-Tongue Biblical Hermeneutics and Theology (May-Nov 22, Vol. 4.14)

(10B) Journal of Mother-Tongue Biblical Hermeneutics and Theology (Jan-Feb 23, Vol. 5.1-2)

(11) International Journal of Pentecostal Missiology (Feb 2023, Vol. 9.1)


(12) Evangelical Missions Quarterly (Oct-Dec 2022, Vol. 58.4)

(13) Studies in World Christianity (Nov 2022, Vol. 28.3)

(14) Missiology: An International Review (Jan 2023, Vol. 51.1)

(15A) Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies (Oct 22, Vol. 39.4)

(15B) Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies (Jan 23, Vol. 40.1)

(16A) Exchange: Journal of Contemporary Christianities in Context (Nov 2022, Vol. 51.3)

(16B) Exchange: Journal of Contemporary Christianities in Context (Dec 2022, Vol. 51.4)

(17) International Bulletin of Mission Research (Jan 2023, Vol. 47.1)

(18) Mission Studies (Dec 2022, Vol. 39.3)

(19) International Review of Mission (Nov 2022, Vol. 111.2)

(20) Social Sciences and Missions (Nov 2022, Vol. 35.3-4)


No Longer the Same: Pentecostal Mission in Cities of Sub-Saharan Africa

Michael Sallu

The “House of Life”: A Russian-to-International Pentecostal Movement

David Lewis

An Appraisal of Pentecostalism’s Impact on Urban Christian Missions in Nigeria

Deborah Bosede Oyelakin

The Role of Signs and Wonders in Movement Breakthrough

Emanuel Prinz & Alison Goldhor

Getting Ahead of the Spirit? The Techniques of Contemporary Mission Movements

John Span

Missiological Implications of Pietism for Protestant African Christianity

Samson O. Adebayo & Akinyemi O. Alawode

Reformed Theology and Movements: What Can We Learn from Each Other?

J. R. Stevenson

Happily Surprised by Works of God’s Spirit

Dave Coles

The Church Planting Movement Debate: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

J. A. Irons

A Pneumatological Theology of Religion: Amos Yong’s Approach

Jose Abraham

Two Important Research-Based Missionary Training Principles

Arthur Lin

The Struggles of Generation Z and the Future of North American Mission Organizations

David R. Dunaetz

Mission and Disintegration in Global Anglicanism from the 1960s through 2022: An Update to Stephen Neill’s Anglicanism

Duane Alexander Miller


God’s People Turn to Scripture: The Post-Crisis Response In Nehemiah 8

Jonathan Mcgrath

Gospel Preaching in A Time of Global Pandemic: A Brazilian Baptist Perspective

W. Mark Johnson & Pastor João Purin Jr

Why We’re In Crete: Leadership Development As Preparation For The Unexpected

Clark Sundin

Innovations For Theological Education in Post-Pandemic Africa: Fulfilling the Missionary Task Through Faithful Teaching

James Wesley Bledsoe

COVID As Crucible: How God Harnessed a Pandemic to Strengthen Cooperative Sending of Global Missionaries

Jennifer Waldrep, Amanda Dimperio Davis, & Hal Cunnyngham

The Changing Landscape of Lostness: Why Global Shifts Are Driving the Need for New Engagement Indices

Wilson Geisler & Jim Courson

Status of the Task and The State of The Church: International Mission Board’s Multi-Indicator Engagement Scales for Peoples and Places

Wilson Geisler & Jim Courson

Grappling With the Impact of COVID On Missionary Life and Practice

Ingrid Woodbridge

Learning Like a Soldier: Missions in A Post-Pandemic World

Kevin Brown

Learning Through Loss

Karen Pearce


Rediscovering the Hidden Peoples

Rick Wood & Robby Butler

Developing Mission Mobilization Movements in Local Ministries

Ryan Shaw

Seeing the World Through People Group Eyes

Christine Lewis

Re-Introducing Frontier People Groups

Robby Butler

Strategy Coodinator— The Outside Catalyst

Neill Mims

Movement Servants Dave

Coles & Stan Parks

Prayer Champions

Teri Baisa (pseudonym)

Family-Blessing Advocates

RW Lewis

The NEW Thirty-One Prayer Guide

Prayer Transforms the Karamojong People

Gary and Louise

Morning Basket

Alyssa Johnson

Bringing Back the King of Kings

John Robb

FPG Global Resources

Robby Butler

Toward the Edges

Kevin Higgins

Learning from Paul about the Mindsets of Movement Catalysts

Stan Parks

Startling Church Trends and What We Need to Do About Them

C. Anderson

Further Reflections

Greg H. Parsons

Great News: Movements are Starting New Movements

Dave Coles

Cascading Gospel: Movements Starting Movements

Stan Parks

Movements Spreading as God Leads His Children

Bahizi Leodegard

DMM Jumps to Another Desert Tribe

Dan Karami Hassane

Look Where You Have Cousins

J. Michael Corley & L. Michael Corley

Disciple Making Movement Jumps to Another Continent

Ken Morris

Cloud by Day, Fire by Night

William J. Dubois

Multiplying Movements through Organic Growth

Roger Charles

How Long to Reach the Goal?

Justin Long

What Must be Done?

Stan Parks

Toward the Edges

Kevin Higgins

Mission Mobilizers—A Multifaceted Role in God’s Global Purpose

Ryan Shaw

Startling Church Trends and What We Need to Do About Them

C. Anderson

Further Reflections

Greg H. Parsons


Facing the Future by Facing the Past

J. Nelson Jennings

Contextualization the Asian Way: Relational Contextualization

Enoch Wan & Siu Kuen Sonia Chan

Calling Chinese Diaspora Churches for Glocal Missions to All

Juno Wang

Ministry Direction and Issues in the Mission Transition Period

S. Hun Kim

Orality and 21st Century Asian Mission

Charles Madinger

False Teachers Among Us

James D. Langteau


Lessons from 10 Years of Lausanne Global Analysis

Doug Birdsall, David Taylor, & Loun Ling Lee

Ralph Winter and the ‘People Group’ Missiology

Kevin Higgins

The Lifework of Andrew Walls for African Theology

Wanjiru M. Gitau

The Evangelical Church Interacting between the Global and the Local

Steve Sang-Cheol Moon

Perspectives from Global South Christianity

Philip Lutterodt, Joabe G Cavalcanti & Loun Ling Lee

Governments and the Great Commission

CJ Davison, Paul Lewis & Dave Benson

‘Apartheid’ of Church and State

Simon Jooste

Engaging Younger Generations in Church Ministry

Victor Lee


Reimagining a New Social Contract Between Church and State

Eugene Baron

Believing In the Future Missiology’s Future Prospects

Nelus Niemandt

A ‘Decolonisation Project’ That Went Awr: A Missio-Ecclesiological Interrogation Of The Anglican Diocese Of Harare During Bishop Nolbert Kunonga’s Episcopacy: 2001–2007

Paul Gundani

“Lewe Vir Die Stad” – Life/Live for The City A Case Study of Reimagining Congregational Culture and Its Relationship with The City as A First Step Towards Establishing a New Social Contract

Doret Niemandt

Church And Community: New Hope for Africa

Pieter Verster

Reimagining A New Social Contract in The Public Space Evangelical Church and Society

Donald Ross Anderson

The Search for Ikhaya: Can We Build a Home Together?

Johannes Kritzinger

Re-Imagining A New Social Contract to Address Exclusion and Marginalisation in Africa: Insights From The “Golden Rule And Ubuntu” As Value Frameworks

Lukwikilu Credo Mangayi

Corruption An Impediment to Economic Reconstruction and Recovery: A Glocal Missional Approach

Daniel Nicolaas Andrew


Deeper Crises in the Church That Surfaced Post-2020

Larry L. Anderson, Jr.

Response: Deeper Crises in the Church That Surfaced Post-2020

Daniel Hyun

The Impact of George Floyd’s Murder on the Church

Kimberlee Johnson

Response: The Impact of George Floyd’s Murder on the Church

D. Kyle Canty

Racial Ramifications of 2020

Esther Chiang

How 2020 Affected Women in the Church

Shayna Harvey

Localized Incarnational Ministry After 2020

Carlos Worthy

Youth Ministry after COVID-19

Jeremy Chen

Hispanic Churches After 2020

David Medina

How Lives Changed for Pastors After 2020

Chad Hinson

Renewed Relevance of Theological Resources

R. Todd Mangum

Response: Renewed Relevance of Theological Resources

Duane A. Belgrave, Sr.

Mental Health Needs of Urban Communities

Desiree Guyton

Response: Mental Health Needs of Urban Communities

Monica Kim

Development and Shifting of Urban Culture

Rubén Ortiz

New Shape of Ministry Leadership and Innovations in Ministry

J.R. Briggs

Response: New Shape of Ministry Leadership and Innovations in Ministry

Grant Hofman


Sustainability, African identity and climate justice: reframing the climate conversation

Israel Oluwole Olofinjana

Collectives with soul: building sustainable communities through organising

Alison Webster

Exploring apophatic approaches to mission: a conversation

Janet Williams and Richard Passmore

Beyond measure: evaluating the impact of pioneering

Tina Hodgett

Sustaining community spirituality – a reflection on practice

Alison Boulton

Treasure seeking: sustaining personal spirituality

Caroline Kennedy

Business that sustains

Rosie Hopley


Report of the Christian Communities and Mission Study Group

Lynne Taylor & Nigel Rooms

Parklife – Listening to Stories as a Deep Missional Practice

Sally Mann

Cultural perceptions: A barrier to the role of cross-cultural friendships in mission? (A Church of Pentecost-UK case study)

John Neate

Leading from the liturgy: Ordained ministers as facilitators of a communal process of interpretation

Rein den Hertog

Beholding: recovering “right brain” apophatic spirituality for the local church in mission

Nigel Rooms

Surfing with the Spirit or sinking into the sea? Elements enabling Christian character formation in a post-Christendom culture

Mike Harrison


Footwashing in the Context of 1 Corinthians 11:23-25: Some Theological Reflections

Peter Obeng Manu & Kenneth Oppong

An Analytical Study of the Translations of Genesis 1:26-27 in the Akuapem-Twi Bible

Emmanuel Twumasi-Ankrah, Emmanuel Kojo Ennin Antwi, Frimpong Wiafe & Isaac Boaheng

A Christological Reflection on Papa Yaw Johnson’s “Fa wo ntoma bɛbɔ me deɛ ano”

Isaac Boaheng

Ewe Christology: The Sonship of Christ in Hebrews 1:1-4 from an Ewe Perspective

Mawuli Nyador

A Comparative Study of Word Orders in the Law Code of Hammurabi and the Book of Covenant

Babatunde Adekunle Ogunlana

Abanpredease Christology: A Christological Interpretation of Dormaahene’s Chieftaincy Appellations

Isaac Boaheng

Translating Εὐαγγελιον, ἀποστόλος and ἱερεύς in the Oshindonga Dialect of Namibia: A Proposal

Magdalena Ndatoolewe Shilongo & Isaac Boaheng

Mother-Tongue Biblical Hermeneutics: A Critical Assessment of the History of an Emerging Approach in African Biblical Studies

Michael F. Wandusim


Non-Western Missions: Changing the Face of Missions

Jeffery Nelson

An Airplane View and Current “Snapshot” of WAGF Missions

Brad Walz

Contribution of African Pentecostals in Finishing the Task

Arto Hämäläinen

Embracing the New Mission Paradigm with Joy

Murray Cornelius

Keys to Romania's Growth in their Missions’ Vision and Response

Ileana Kopjar (Hrișcă) & Gheorghe Rițișan

Lessons Learned from an Experiment in African National Church Missions

Jeffery Nelson

Towards a Missiological Approach to Carceral Ministry

Jonathan Cantarero

Have we Missed the Main Point? The Purpose for Jesus’ Encounter with the Canaanite Woman

(Matthew 15:21-28)

Doug Lowenberg


Great Commission Prayer

Heather Pubols

The Number One Strategy for Reaching the Lost

Chris Ruge

Holding the Rope: Making Space for Prayer in the Bible Translation Movement

Jo Johnson, Sineina Gela et al

Decade of Harvest: the Convergence of Gospel and Prayer Movements

Jason Hubbard

Cultivating Grassroots Prayer Movements

Jenny Oliphant

The Impact of Prayer on Church Planting, Evangelism and Miracles

David Lewis

Praying through 12 Common Characteristics of Disciple Making Movements

Robin Smith

Prayer: The Key to Bearing Fruit

Moses Olele

Missionaries and Prayer Support: We Need to Talk

Katherine Lorance

Purpose and Power of Prayer Guides

Madison Strauder

When God’s People Pray Together

Marcia Strauss

Leadership, Ministry, and Church Order in South Korea

KyungMi Seo

Tentmaking: Paul’s Missionary Strategy?

Samson L. Uytanlet

Disability vs. Health in Evangelism Strategies

Phill Butler

How Calling Has Handicapped the Great Commission

Richard Kronk

The Power of Teaching Children to Pray

Candy Marballi

The Strategy of the Seed

Luke P

Prayer Releases Young People into Missions

Ann Low, Cody Low, Rebecca Joy, & Jed Tin


Editorial: Heritage and Identity. Exploring the Middle East within World Christianity

Elizabeth S. Marteijn & Lucy Schouten

Maronite Liturgy as a Developmental Space for Its Emerging Adults in Lebanon

Rima Nasrallah & Ronelle Sonnenberg

Decolonising Palestinian Liberation Theology: New Methods, Sources and Voices

John S. Munayer & Samuel S. Munayer

The Syriac Orphanage and School in Beirut: Building an Elite Transnational Syriac Identity

Anna Hager

Christians in Syria and Iraq: From Co-optation to Militarisation Strategies

Sotiris Roussos & Stavros Drakoularakos

Black Diaspora Christian Activity in Britain from the Late Eighteenth Century to 1950

David Killingray

‘Returning to the faith of our forefathers’: The Role of Historical Consciousness in Shaping Christian Missionary Work in Nineteenth-Century Taiwan

Ladislav Charouz


The Ongoing Conversion of The Missionary

Madge Karecki & Leanne M. Dzubinski

“The Conversion of The Missionary: A Journey of The Heart” Pastoral Reflection

Frank J. Caggiano

The Conversion of a Missionary: A Missiological Study of Acts 10

Darrell L. Whiteman

Solidarity as Slow Conversion

Susan Bigelow Reynolds

ASM Lifetime Achievement Award for Dan Shaw

Darrell L. Whiteman

Comments on the occasion of receiving the ASM Lifetime Achievement Award

R. Daniel Shaw


Postures Toward Postcolonial Peace: Repentance, Forgiveness, and Lament

Al Tizon

Decolonial Conversations in African Christianity: Developing a Public Theology for Kenya

Martin Munyao

Christians in the Political Arena: Some Sociological and Theological Learnings from the Philippines

Melba Maggay

North-South Partnership in God’s Mission: Joining Hands in the Construction of a Reconciliation Politics

Ruth Padilla DeBorst

“Not by Might, Nor by Power”: Spirit-filled Imaginary for Peace Building in Romania

Beneamin Mocan

The Menace of Colonialism and the Imperative of Koinonia as a Model for Living in a Nigerian Context

Raphael Akhijemen Idialu

The Strategic Task of the Church in Creating Spaces for Spirituality

Isak Jacobus Olivier

Orality Reality: Implications for Theological Education in Romania and Beyond

Cameron D. Armstrong

Integration of Social Critical Consciousness in Missionary Methodology for Social Transformation

Stefano Giudici

Theosis in the Ethiopian Tradition: A Preliminary Assessment

Calum Samuelson

‘There is light despite all of the darkness’: Exploring Perceptions of Faith and Hope During the Pandemic in Australian Church Settings

Dawn Joseph & Brendan Hyde


Global Early Modern Protestant Mission: An Introduction

David Onnekink and David J.B. Trim

Keeping up with the Catholics: Protestant Evangelism in the Late 17th Century

Lisa Clark Diller

“I Shall Give Thee the Heathen for Thine Inheritance”: Psalms, Parishioners, and Propagating the Gospel in the Protestant Atlantic World, c. 1649–1660

Patrick S. McGhee

Dispersion, Procreation and Mission: The Emergence of Protestantism in Early Modern West Africa

Martha Frederiks

The Protestant Missions to South-East Asia: Experimental Laboratory of Missionary Concepts and of Human Relations (Circa 1780–1840)

Lars Peter Laamann

Into the Wild: Early Modern Protestant Missionaries and Their Views on Animals

David Onnekink

Soteriology in Evangelical Practice: A View from the Street

Stefan Paas

Thinking Africa in Postmission Theology: Implications for Global Theological Discourse

Simon Kofi Appiah

Spiritualization of the Causes of Illness: An Analysis of the Zimbabwean-Born White Garment Churches’ Theological Position on the Origin and Treatment of Covid-19

Phillip Musoni and Ezra Chitando


World Christianity 2023: A Gendered Approach

Gina A. Zurlo, Todd M. Johnson, & Peter F. Crossing

What Has Jerusalem to Do with the Internet? World Christianity and Digital Culture

Alexander Chow

Church Digitalization and the New Koinonia in the Era of the “Internet of Things”

Sonny Eli Zaluchu

Digital Expressions of Church: The Online Identity of Free Churches as a Mirror of Their Missional Mentality

Philipp Bartholomä

In Search of Transformative Ways of Being in Mission: Introducing the Mission Spirituality Spiral

Laura Lepori & Madge Karecki

A Bias for the gospel

Mark R. Teasdale

Pathways to Belonging: An Examination of Christian Identity in Tibetan Buddhist Contexts

Jason D. Loper

Theologies of Fulfillment in a Reciprocal Study of Relationships between John Laughton and Rua Kēnana in Aotearoa New Zealand

Steve Taylor

The Missiological Challenge of the Anonymous Missionary in the Nordic Context

Jukka Kääriäinen

Translation and Theology: The Lord’s Prayer in Three Chinese Versions

Changping Zha

Jewish Bible Translations: Personalities, Passions, Politics, Progress

Philip A. Noss

Worshiping, Witnessing, and Wondering: Christian Wisdom for Participation in the Mission of God

Kirsteen Kim


Making the South Seas a “Chinese” Mission Field: Chinese Evangelical Missionaries to Southeast Asia, 1920s to 1950s

Joshua Dao Wei Sim

Ideologies and Commitments: An Analysis of Three Typical Attitudes to the Protestant Missions in the Anti-Christian Movement

Jue Wang

Constructed Identities and Potent Imaginaries: A Missiological Reflection on Mainland Chinese Ethnic and Racial Identity in a Divided and Broken World

David H. F. Ng

Remaking the Church Catholic in Post-Maoist China: The Outward Movement of Chinese Catholics and Their Collaborations with the Paris Foreign Missions

Michel Chambon

The Hatred in My Heart”: Challenges and Opportunities of Han Christian Identity in Engaging Uyghur Muslims

Michael L. Copeland

Internalized Oppression in Chinese Australian Christians and Its Mission Impact

Grace Lung

Who Am I?

Xiaoli Yang

Where Are You Going?

Xiaoli Yang

Dark Candles and Prayers

Dao Zi


IMC’s Development in Its Understanding of Evangelism and Chinese Christians’ Early Ministry in Self-Propagating the Gospel

Manhong Lin

David and Solomon: Missionaries and Churches in Ecumenical-Missionary Reflection

Wilbert van Saane

Unity that Liberates for an Embodied Mission: Ecumenism and God’s Mission in Latin America

Pablo Guillermo Oviedo

The International Missionary Council and Mission Cooperation in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands, 1916–28

Kenneth R. Ross

The 1921 Founding of the International Missionary Council in the Life of John R. Mott

Benjamin L. Hartley

The International Missionary Council: A Centennial Retrospect and Reflection

Brian Stanley

The Glocalization of Methodist Christianity in Colonial Korea: An Anthro-Missiological Study of Victor W. Peters and His Indigenous Cognition

David W. Kim & Won-il Bang

The French Response to the Actions of the International Missionary Council and the World Council of Churches Commission on World Mission and Evangelism

Jean-François Zorn & Claire Sixt-Gateuille

Pope Francis’ Theology of Mission

William P. Gregory

The Study Process of the IMC Centenary

Michael Biehl

From Spiritual to Structured Ecumenicity: A Paradigm Shift in the PEFA Church’s Approach to Ecumenism

Wanjiku Kihuha


Religious Actors, Care, and Mood in the Time of COVID-19

Jérémy Jammes & Chang-Yau Hoon

Victory in the Time of Covid: Defying a Pandemic at an Indian Megachurch

Chad Bauman

Refocusing Body, Mind and Community Interconnections: Soka Gakkai’s “Mission” and “Human Revolution” amidst the Biosocial Crisis of COVID-19

Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen

Covid-19, Fatwas, and Socio-religious Praxis: Muhammadiyah’s Social Engagement and Mission in Coping with the Outbreak in Indonesia

Andar Nubowo

Religious Care and Moral Economy amidst COVID-19: Mimetic Consumption, Divine Vaccine and Disciplinary Trust in Brunei Darussalam

Jérémy Jammes and Chang-Yau Hoon

Becoming a People of Greater Hospitality: Catholic Practices in Pandemic-Striken Philippines

Jose Mario Francisco

Sexual Health, Morality and the Missionary Press in Britain and the South Pacific, 1795–1850

Kate Tilson



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