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Mission Hits Journals #8 (July-Sep 2022)

Dear friends,

Welcome to Mission Hits Journals #8 (July-September 2022), a quarterly posting linking you to all recent articles from 37 different journals/periodicals related to world mission and world Christianity

In this issue we welcome two recently-launched missions journals: Missional Focus (from ForMission College, UK) and The Great Commission Baptist Journal of Mission (from IMB, US).

You will find links below to 17 different journal issues, containing 143 articles. With topics ranging from missionary care in the US to poverty alleviation in Asia, and from women in West Java to missional readings of Genesis, I trust you will find something to keep you informed, inspired, and thoroughly up-to-date so that you don't miss out on anything relevant to your ministry and interests.

If you have friends, colleagues, professors, or students who might benefit from this resource, please do forward it to them. Anyone can sign up to receive Mission Hits Journals 4 times a year by clicking here.

With every blessing as you live in and live out God's great mission purposes.

In Christ,


Head of Theology (Uganda Martyrs Seminary, Namugongo)

DIS (Fuller Theological Seminary)

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(1) Global Missiology (July 2022, Vol. 19.3)

(2) Evangelical Missiological Society Journal (2022, Vol. 2.2)

(3A) Mission Frontiers (July-Aug, Vol. 44.4)

(3B) Mission Frontiers (Sep-Oct, Vol. 44.5)

(4) The International Journal of Frontier Missions (Jan-Mar 2022, Vol. 39.1)

(5A) Lausanne Global Analysis (July 2022, Vol. 11.4)

(5B) Lausanne Global Analysis (Sep 2022, Vol. 11.5)

(6) Missional Focus (Sep 2022, Vol. 1.2)

(7) Great Commission Research Journal (Fall 2022, Vol. 14.2)

(8) Great Commission Baptist Journal of Mission (Spring 2022, Vol. 1.1)

(9A) Quarterly Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association (Summer 2022, Vol. 76)

(9B) Quarterly Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association (Fall 2022, Vol. 77)

(10) Journal of Language, Culture, and Religion (Sep 2022, Vol. 3.2)


(11) Evangelical Missions Quarterly (Oct-Dec 2022, Vol. 58.4)

(12) Journal of Religion and Demography (Oct 2022, Vol. 9.1-2)

(13) Missiology: An International Review (Oct 2022, Vol. 50.4)

(14) Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies (July 2022, Vol. 39.3)

(15) Exchange: Journal of Contemporary Christianities in Context (Aug 2022, Vol. 51.2)

(16) International Bulletin of Mission Research (Oct 2022, Vol. 46.4)

(17) Journal of Asian Mission (2022, Vol. 23.1)


"Missiological Iron Sharpening"

July 2022, Vol. 19.3 (Free Access)


Facing Our Fears of Engaging Muslims and Strategies for Navigating Them (Mike Urton)

Missiological Iron Sharpening

J. Nelson Jennings

Discussing and Catalyzing Movements: An Invitation to Research, Sacrifice, and Commitment

Pam Arlund, Warrick Farah

Advancing Conversations about Proclamational and Movements Methodologies

Matt Rhodes

A Tribute to Dr. K. Rajendran: Former General Secretary, India Missions Association and Missions Secretary, World Evangelical Association

J. N. Manokaran

Facing Our Fears of Engaging Muslims and Strategies for Navigating Them

Mike Urton

Vulnerable Mission in Africa: Why Some of Today’s Intercultural Missionaries Should Restrict Themselves to Local Languages and Resources

Jim Harries

Vulnerability vs. Corinthian Values: Modern Ministry Thought and Practice at Home and Abroad

Chris Sadowitz

Jesuit Missionary Outreach during the 19th and 20th Centuries

Steven L. Estes

Early Korean Mission Strategy and Structure 1880-1940: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Mission Methods and Church Movements

Derek Seipp, Je Kwo


2022, Vol. 2.2 (Free Access)


The Black Church and The Missio Dei: Christianizing Christians

(Jessica Janvier and Lionel King)

Professor as Mentor: The Life and Work of Sue Russell

Anthony Casey

The Black Church and The Missio Dei: Christianizing Christians

Jessica Janvier and Lionel King

The Formation of Mission Theology for the African American Missionary in the 19th Century

Kent Shaw I

The Intersectionality of Theology and Missions: Two Perspectives

Lisa P. Christian

The Significance of Blackness in Dominican Republic Short-Term Missions Work

Kurtran B. Wright

Global Missions in the Context of Urban Missiological Needs: Answering a Global Calling While Reaching American Cities

Lee P. Christian, Jr.


"The Proper Care and Nurturing of Our Mission Workers"

July-Aug 2022, Vol. 44.4 (Free Access)


The Lead Pastor’s Role in Missionary Care (Bradley Bell)

Learning How to Care for Our “Sent Ones”

Rick Wood

The Lead Pastor’s Role in Missionary Care

Bradley Bell

A Witnessed Life: Being Seen and Cared for as a Single Overseas Worker

Elizabeth George

Advocate Teams: The Local Church Caring for Missionaries

Nathan Sloan

Partners In the Gospel

Neal Pirolo

Helping Missionary Kids Thrive on Home Assignment

Valerie Williams

Member Care: The Scriptural Foundation

Neal Pirolo

Missionary Care Teams: A Personal Testimony

Elizabeth George, Rebekah & Chris Meredith

Decades of Faithful Service” An Interview with Dot Everett

Obedience to God's Word Overcomes Systemic Prejudice

The Walker Family

In Serious Pursuit of Movements

C. Anderson


Greg H. Parsons

Who is Defining the Priorities of Our Church’s Mission Efforts?

Stan Parks

"Healers and Preachers: Coming Together to Foster Movements in All Peoples"

Sep-Oct 2022, Vol. 44.5 (Free Access)


Go and Heal to Proclaim the Good News (Christoffer H. Grundmann)

Striking the Right Balance

Rick Wood

Jesus’ Holistic Paradigm

Dr. “Jason Lee”

Midwife Missionary or Missionary Midwife?

Carrie Blake

Rediscovering Health as Mission

Helen Wordsworth

Go and Heal to Proclaim the Good News

Christoffer H. Grundmann

Health-Promoting Churches

Mwai Makoka

The Vanga Story

Mike Soderling and Katherine Fountain Niles

The Seventh Station

Mike Soderling

Small Disciple-Making Habits Make a Huge Difference

C. Anderson


Jan-Mar 2022, Vol. 39.1 (Free Access)


Contextual Frameworks for Interreligious Communication: An Asian Perspective (Kang-San Tan)

Contextual Frameworks for Interreligious Communication: An Asian Perspective

Kang-San Tan

Answering the Call to Inreligionisation

H. L. Richard

Rethinking Mission in an Asian Context

Notto R. Thelle

Assessing the Effectiveness of “Inreligionisation” for Interreligious Communication

Alan R. Johnson

Can Cambodian Christians “Worship” their Parents? A Hermeneutical Dialogue

Claire T. C. Chong and Tep Samnang

The Model is the Message

Ronald and Carolyn Klaus


July 2022, Vol. 11.4 (Free Access)


Prosperity, Health, and Human Flourishing in Africa (J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu)

Working for Freedom in a World of Exploitation and Trafficking

Marion L. S. Carson

A Holistic Approach to Poverty Alleviation in Asia

Kumar Aryal

Prosperity, Health, and Human Flourishing in Africa

J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu

Why Pentecostalism Has Succeeded among Animists

Julie Ma

Sep 2022, Vol. 11.5 (Free Access)


God’s Work of Transformation in the World (Rupen Das)

God’s Work of Transformation in the World

Rupen Das

The Arts Are Not a Universal Language

Héber Negrão

The Critical Role of Christian Artists and Musicians in Missions

Byron L. Spradlin

Proclaiming an Offensive Gospel in Cultures of Peace

Michael Hart


"Reflecting on the Five Marks of Mission"

Sep 2022, Vol. 1.2 (Free Access)


‘Can’t Someone Else Do It?’ Reflections on living out the Five Marks of Mission as Good News Habits (Chris Duffett)

Pursuing Peace and Reconciliation

Stuart Murray Williams

‘Can’t Someone Else Do It?’ Reflections on living out the Five Marks of Mission as Good News Habits

Chris Duffett

Out -Reach and In-Reach: Living Mission According to the Iona Community Rule of Life

Ruth Harvey

The Five Marks of Mission as Spiritual Formation Reflective Practices

Andy Hardy

Summing up Views on the Five Marks of Mission

Carol Clarke


Fall 2022 , Vol. 14.2 (Free Access)


Not Interested: Communicating with Those Indifferent to the Gospel (Jay Moon)

Church-Based Research: Using Theories, Concepts, and Operationalizations

David R. Dunaetz

Competing Notions of Humility: Why Korean Americans Do Not Need to Abandon Confucius to Get to Christ

Eunice Hong and Max Botner

Applying Paul’s Areopagus Model to Generation Z

Tanita Maddox

Not Just the Sinner’s Prayer: People’s Experiences with “Stranger-Evangelism”

Ken Nehrbass

Forming Saints in a Digital Context

Mark Teasdale

Apologetics and Disability: Reframing Our Response to the Question of Suffering

Rochelle Scheuermann

Gerontic Evangelism

Yakubu Jakada

Not Interested: Communicating with Those Indifferent to the Gospel

Jay Moon

My Journey in Church Growth

Elmer Towns


"Revisiting the Missionary Task"

Spring 2022, Vol. 1.1 (Free Access)


Healthy Church Formation: The Vehicle and Goal of Missions (Kevin Rodgers)

Foundations of Missiology

Zane Pratt

Entry: Beginning Well

Bill Macman

Evangelism: Sharing the Gospel in Community

Lucy Witten

Discipleship: The Need for Qualitative Analysis

Jonathan Martyn

Healthy Church Formation: The Vehicle and Goal of Missions

Kevin Rodgers

Leadership Development: Re-enforcing Healthy Churches and Preparing for Exit

W. Mark Johnson

Exit: Training and Trusting

Preston Pearce

Urgency and Healthy Church Planting

Chuck Lawless


Summer 2022, Vol. 76 (Free Access)


Caring for Global Mission Workers: Burning Out Burnout (Hyon Kim)

Caring for Global Mission Workers: Burning Out Burnout

Hyon Kim

Ten Common Challenges

Jacky Lau

My Journey in Member Care

Meg Alag

The Power of Prayer in Missionary Care

Suraja Raman

Is Inclusivism Biblical?

Takaaki Hara

Migration, Diaspora and ICs


Fall 2022, Vol. 77 (Free Access)


Urban Poor Mission (Raineer Chu)

Urban Missions Transformation and Bangladesh

Shankar Shikdar

Urban Poor Mission

Raineer Chu

The Pandemic's Impact on Urban Churches in China Today

David Lim

Planting in All Seasons: Personal Reflection

Tony Vic Tira

Leadership or Servanthood?

Hwa Yung

House Church Planting in Bashkortostan, Russia

Christopher Carr


Sep 2022, Vol. 3.2 (Free Access)

Standing to Answer Stephen's Lament: A Reappraisal of Why Jesus Stands in Acts 7:55-56

Channing L. Crisler

Processing Pain Through Artistry: Old Testament Poetry of Exile and Ezekiel 19

Katie Hoogerheide Frost & Joshua L. Harper

Covid-19 Revisited: A Socio-Religious and Pragmatic Perspective

Mahmoud A. Al-Khatib

The Role of Ishmael in the Divine Drama: Act 1

Mark Harlan

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth: Deciphering Meaning Through Lavers of Context

Kevin L. Moore


"Gen Z"

Oct-Dec 2022, Vol. 58.4 (Subscription Access)

Engaging Gen Z in the Gospel and Mission

Heather Pubols

Bringing Open Hearts to Engage Generation Z

James Choung and Mary Tindall

Helping Generation Z Flourish and be Catalysts for God’s Mission

René and Sarah Breuel and Mary Tindall

What Research Reveals about Generation Z

Patricia Savage

Paul’s Ministry in Greece as a Paradigm for Our Ministry Among Gen Z

Hélder Favarin

Diffusion of Youth Ministry

Anthony J. Gryskiewicz

Three Strategies for Engaging Gen Z in Missions

Jolene Erlacher

Do Missions Conferences Matter?

Evi Rodemann

Go Digital Before It’s Too Late

Andrew Feng and Nick Wu

Mobilizing Gen Z – A Biblical Theology

Kyle Benner

Transforming Frames of Marginalization

John Trotter

A Balanced Framework

Tim Crouch with Mark and Cinda Wood

Inviting Gen Z to Serve

Amanda Roozeboom

The Promise of the Open Generation

Daniel Copeland and Alyce Youngblood


Oct 2022, Vol. 9.1-2 (Subscription Access)

The World by Religion

Todd M. Johnson and Peter F. Crossing

Religions by Continent

Todd M. Johnson and Peter F. Crossing

Modeling Fuzzy Fidelity: Using Microsimulation to Explore Age, Period, and Cohort Effects in Secularization

Ivan Puga-Gonzalez, David Voas, Lukasz Kiszkiel, Rachel J. Bacon, Wesley J. Wildman, Konrad Talmont-Kaminski, and F. LeRon Shults

Threat or Godsend? Evangelicals and Democracy in Latin America

Matthew Blanton


Oct 2022, Vol. 50.4 (Subscription Access)

Trees, Stolen Gods, and Becoming Egyptian: Reading Genesis Missionally

Andrew Tompkins

Missionary Theology and The Peopling of Pre-Columbian America: John Oxenbridge’s “A Plea for The Dumb Indian” (Ca. 1666)

Richard W. Cogley

Revisiting The Person of Peace: A Response to A. Matthews

Magnus Robinson

The Genesis and Evolution of Church-Planting Movements Missiology

Warrick Farah

Perceptions Of Juche Ideology by Expats in North Korea: A Qualitative Study

Robert Holmes And Eunice Hong

Atonement Impasse: The Perennial Problem of Communicating Christ’s Atonement To Muslims

Matthew Aaron Bennett

What Led Asian American Buddhist Background Believers in Hawaii to Become Christian: A Grounded Theory Study

Kelly Michael Hilderbrand

Bridging Or Breaking: An Ethic of Communication for Missional Engagement

Phil Zarns

The Motivations, Backgrounds, And Practices of Business as Mission Practitioners: Insights from An International Survey

Steve Rundle And Min-Dong Paul Lee


July 2022, Vol. 39.3 (Subscription Access)

African Pentecostal Churches and Racialized Xenophobia: International Migrants as Agents of Transformational Development?

Elina Hankela, Ignatius Swart and Clementine Nishimwe

An African Response to Karl Barth's Notion of Evil as Nothingness

Rowland Onyenali

Editing the Story of Life in the Experience of Grief: An Intercultural Pastoral Care of the Nias Church in Indonesia

Alokasih Gulo, Bambang Subandrijo and Simon Rachmadi

From ‘Selves’ to ‘One Another’: A Hospitable Proposal for a Post-Colonial Missions Paradigm of Interdependence

Alan Howell

An Exploration of Christianity in Northeast India in the Emerging Political Context: Trials and Opportunities

Lalfakawma Ralte

The Impact of Reformed Theological Seminary, Mkar: The Unfinished Agenda on Public Theology

Philip Tachin


Aug 2022, Vol. 51.2 (Subscription Access)

Pentecostalized and Pillarized. Neo-Dhimmitude and the Religious Market in Kuwait

Benjamin Crace

Nederlandsch Zendingsvereeniging’s Efforts to Improve the Position of Women in the Society of West Java

Amos Sukamto

From a Uniform to a Multiform Understanding of Church. Foundations of Exchange in the Preconciliar Missiology of Jean Bruls

Toon Ooms

Father Anastasius Odaye Dogli (1888–1970) and the Inception of Indigenous Catholic Clergy in Ghana

Michael Kodzo Mensah


Oct 2022, Vol. 46.4 (Subscription Access)

World Christianity: Now “in Season”

Craig A. Noll

Lift High the Cross: The Visual Message of Popular Chinese Christianity

Daryl R. Ireland and David Li

Around the World in 283 Days: Traveling with the Laymen’s Foreign Missions Inquiry Commission of Appraisal

Peggy Bowler Lindsey

Asia Pacific Theological Association: Three Decades of Contribution toward Pentecostal Research and Ministry Training

Denise A. Austin and John F. Carter

A Case Study in Indigeneity in the Philippines: Looking Back at a 1930s Effort to Do Missions Using Indigenous Church Principles

Marcus W. Dean

Muslim-Christian Relations and Collaborative Efforts to Build Indonesia

Amos Sukamto

The Gathering of Scattered Israel: The Missional Enterprise of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Ronald E. Bartholomew

Protestant Missionaries’ Understanding of and Attitude toward African Religion in Colonial Malawi

Dorothy Tembo

Ecumenism of Blood and Christian Churches in Contemporary Nigeria

Adolphus Ekedimma Amaefule

Tracking the Statistical Center of Global Seventh-day Adventism, from 1863 to the Present

Gabriel Masfa

The Legacy of Ellen G. White in Africa

Gabriel Masfa

Syncretism and Christian Tradition: Race and Revelation in the Study of Religious Mixture

Stephen Bevans


2022, Vol. 23.1. (Subscription Access)

Oral Bible Translation: How Understanding the Neurosciences Helps

Romerlito C. Macalinao

An Analysis of Chinese Filipino Hybrid Identity from Postwar to Present: The Instiks, The Tsinoys, And the Chinoynials

Juliet Lee Uytanlet

From Burial to Cremation: The Cultural Challenge for The Nepali Church

Ram Kumar Budhathoki

Kwang Soon Lee: A Missiologist with Influence

Hansung Kim



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