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Mission Hits Journals #10 (Feb-May 2023)

Dear missiologists,

Welcome to Mission Hits JOURNALS #10!

This edition covers new journal editions released between February and May 2023. It contains links to 31 different journal editions, from 26 different publications, containing 208 new papers and articles about an incredibly diverse set of topics surrounding world mission and world Christianity today. Truly, something for everyone!

Significantly, 20 out of these 31 editions are completely without cost online. Remarkable, really, to have free (and instantaneous) access to such top quality missiological wealth!

Allow me to welcome three journals to our 'fold' that haven't appeared here before:

(1) Seedbed (focussing on church-planting efforts among the unreached)

(2) Ethnodoxology (focussing on arts and faith in world Christianity)

(3) Oxford Journal for Intercultural Mission (focusing on intercultural mission and ministry in the Church of England, but obviously with much wider relevance).

To see the full list of featured journals, to see past editions, and to learn more about Mission Hits JOURNALS (a ministry of please click here.

Please let me know if there are ways that this ministry might be more useful to you, of if there are relevant journals I've accidentally missed off!

Can I ask just one thing of you please? If you have friends, colleagues, professors, or students who might enjoy this, please forward it to them. Anyone can sign up simply by clicking here.

With every blessing as you live in and live out God's great mission purposes.

In Christ,


Head of Theology (Uganda Martyrs Seminary, Namugongo), DIS Fuller Theological Seminary.

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(1) Global Missiology (April 2023, Vol. 20.2)

(2A) Evangelical Missiological Society Journal (2023, Vol. 3.1)

(2B) Evangelical Missiological Society Journal (2023, Vol. 3.2)

(3) Great Commission Baptist Journal of Mission (Spring 2023, Vol. 2.1)

(4A) Mission Frontiers (March-April, Vol. 45.2)

(4B) Mission Frontiers (May-June, Vol. 45.3)

(5) Journal of Global Christianity (April 2023, Vol. 8.1)

(6A) Lausanne Global Analysis (March 2023, Vol. 12.2)

(6B) Lausanne Global Analysis (May 2023, Vol. 12.3)

(7) Journal of African Missiology (Dec 2022, Vol.7.1)

(8) Missional Focus (Feb 2023, Vol. 2.1)

(9) Mission Round Table (Dec 2022, Vol. 17.2)

(10) Great Commission Research Journal (Spring 2023, Vol. 15.1)

(11) ANVIL: A Journal of Theology and Mission (May 2023, Vol. 39.1)

(12) Oxford Journal for Intercultural Mission (Spring 2023, Vol. 1)

(13) Seedbed (Oct 2022, Vol 33.2)

(14) Quarterly Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association (Spring 2023, Vol. 79)

(15) Ethnodoxology: Global Forum on Arts and Christian Faith (2022, Vol. 10)

(16) Journal of Mother-Tongue Biblical Hermeneutics and Theology (Mar-Apr 2023, Vol. 5.3-4)

(17) Journal of Language, Culture, and Religion (March 2023, Vol. 4.1)


(18) Evangelical Missions Quarterly (April-June 2023, Vol. 59.2)

(19A) Studies in World Christianity (March 2023, Vol. 29.1)

(19B) Studies in World Christianity (July 2023, Vol. 29.2)

(20) Missiology: An International Review (April 2023, Vol. 51.2)

(21A) Australian Journal of Mission Studies (Dec 2022, Vol. 16.2)

(21B) Australian Journal of Mission Studies (June 2023, Vol. 17.1)

(22) Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies (Apr 2023, Vol. 40.2)

(23) Journal of World Christianity (Feb 2023, Vol. 13.1)

(24) International Bulletin of Mission Research (April 2023, Vol. 47.2)

(25) Mission Studies (April 2023, Vol. 40.1)

(26) Social Sciences and Missions (April 2023, Vol. 36.1-2)


"Theological Education and Mission"

April 2023, Vol. 20.2 (Free Access)


The Role of Formal Theological Education in Missiological Strategies in Honor/Shame Contexts (Anna Daub)

Theological Education and Mission

Gloria S. Tseng

A Giant on Clay Legs? African Theological Education and the Formation of Missiocentric, Missionary-sending Church Leaders

Chris Howles

The Role of Formal Theological Education in Missiological Strategies in Honor/Shame Contexts

Anna Daub

Prophets in the Seminary: The Prophetic Function as a Means of Maintaining Missional Focus in Theological Education

Matthew D. Hirt

Rethinking Reproducibility: An Equipping Model for Missionary Theological Educators

Phil Barnes, Will Brooks

Strengthening Spiritual Reconciliation through Theological Education: A Soul-Forming Conversation

Omar Palafox

Eyewitness Accounts of the “Asbury Outpouring”

Lalsangkima Pachuau, Craig S. Keener


"Contemporary Issues in Evangelical Missiology"

2023, Vol. 3.1 (Free Access)


Lives that Welcome: How a Non-Western Understanding of Hospitality Can Revitalize the American Church’s Fellowship and Outreach (Jessica A. Udall)

The Jesus of “He Gets Us”: Sorting Our Christology

Michael T. Cooper and Matthew S. Harbour

Lives that Welcome: How a Non-Western Understanding of Hospitality Can Revitalize the American Church’s Fellowship and Outreach

Jessica A. Udall

Conversion to Christ as Spiritual Migration

Gene Daniels

A Purpose Set Forth in Christ: God’s Mission of Reconciliation in Ephesians 1–2

Philip Crouse

Creating Paths for Transformational Conversion: The Church Discipleship Matrix

Frank Liesen

Christian Zionism: A Missiological Emergency

Mark Larlan

How Does Social Identity Research Inform Evangelical Missiology?

David R. Dunaetz

The Role of Theological Institutions in Missionary Training

Arthur Lin

"Current Issues in Communication and Mission in Canada"

2023, Vol. 3.2 (Free Access)


The Body Tells the Tale: Communicating the Gospel through the Reconciled Local Church (Phil Wagler)

They Will Know We Are Christians by our Scars: The Preacher’s Body in Pauline Missiology

Stuart Van Koh (pseud)

The Body Tells the Tale: Communicating the Gospel through the Reconciled Local Church

Phil Wagler

Understanding Arts as Language

Lorn Gieck

Opportunities for Workplace Ministry in Canada

James Bruyn

Do We Bible Translators (and Bible Translation Agencies) Know When We Have Succeeded?

Doug Trick, Holly Butler


"Perspectives on Healthy Church Formation"

Spring 2023, Vol. 2.1 (Free Access)


The Responsibility of the Local Church in Discerning Missionary Call (Ricky Don Wilhelm)

The Importance of the Five Roles and the Movement Strengthening Strategist in Networks of Multiplying Churches

Todd Lafferty

Making the Most of the Gathered Church How A Church’s Liturgy Shapes Spiritual Formation and Growth

Anthony Written

The Role of Women in Healthy Church Formation

Madeline Arthington

Congregationalism for a Church Plant in the Confucian Culture

Paul Luo

The Responsibility of the Local Church in Discerning Missionary Call

Ricky Don Wilhelm

Beyond Memorial Toward a Richer Understanding of the Lord's Supper through Synthesis of Spiritual Presence, Human Participation, and Physical Media

Charles Davidson

The Dynamic Nature of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God How Acts Lays a Sure Foundation for the Mission of the Church

Ross Frierson

Treasuring the Church

Beverly Cooper


"Women in Mission: The Quiet Majority"

Mar-Apr 2023, Vol. 45.2 (Free Access)


Develop and Implement a Contextual Prayer Strategy (Jean Coles)

House of Hope

Anita Rahma

Praying with Purpose During Ramadan


Friendships Can Be Complicated

Denise Beck

What Can a Single Woman Do When She Goes with God?

Marti Wade

Develop and Implement a Contextual Prayer Strategy

Jean Coles

6 Signs of a Missionary Growth Mindset

Amy Young

Stick Figure Storying

Pam Arlund

A Leaf on a River

Eunice De Lara

Lifting the Veil on Global Issues and Gender Diversity

Wendy Wilson

Chinese Women Led the 20th Century Revivalist Movements

Leanne M. Dzubinski and Anneke H. Stasson

Embracing Spiritual Motherhood

Suzy Grumelot

A Special Call as Female Practitioners & Leaders?

C. Anderson

All In for ALL Peoples

R. Nyman

Opportunities in the Neighborhood

Sue Patt

Kingdom Single

V.J. Althouse

"The Gospel Goes Digital"

May-June 2023, Vol. 45.3 (Free Access)


Permission to Journey Together (Liam Savage)

Digital Opportunity in Missions Work

Paul Rattray

We Are All Digital Missionaries

Mark Appleton

Permission to Journey Together

Liam Savage

From New York City to Rio de Janeiro

Rachel Larsen

Digital Outreach

Kurt von der Linden

Every Tongue and Nation

Jeremy Weber

A Hackathon for Global Missions

Andrew Feng

Toward the Edges

Kevin Higgins

Translation Quality and Scripture Impact for “Last Mile” Bible Translations

Stanley B. Parks

In the Post-Covid World, Online Training Opportunities Continue to Grow

Cynthia Anderson


April 2023, Vol. 8.1 (Free Access)


From Grace to Guilt Trip: Misunderstandings in Biblical Patronage by Asian Christians (Jerry Hwang)

Orality’s Breadth and Depth

Jonathan Worthington

From Grace to Guilt Trip: Misunderstandings in Biblical Patronage by Asian Christians

Jerry Hwang

Exorcism and the Structure of Mark’s Gospel

Mark D. Batluck

The Changing Notion of Truth in the West and Implications for Christian Ministry in Africa

Roydon Frost

Grace Life College and Seminary Graduation Message: A Theology of Transformation

Sylvain Allaboe


March 2023, Vol. 12.2 (Free Access)


Rethinking Contextualization in Cameroon (Emmanuel Oumarou)

Taking Church to People with Disabilities

Dave Deuel

The Transformative Power of Deep Listening

Xiaoli Yang

Utilizing Indigenous Cultural Traits for Cross-Cultural Missions

Paul Sungro Lee

Rethinking Contextualization in Cameroon

Emmanuel Oumarou

May 2023, Vol. 12.3 (Free Access)


The Whole World and the Unreached (Joshua Bogunjoko)

A Radical Vision of the Whole Church

Wonsuk Ma

The Whole Gospel and Community Organizing

Alexia Salvatierra

The Whole World and the Unreached

Joshua Bogunjoko

Missions in a Post-COVID World

Kirst Rievan


Dec 2022, Vol.7.1 (Free Access)


Jesus As Proto-Ancestor (Joseph Ola)

Cross-Cultural Friendships by Members of The Church of Pentecost with White British People in The United Kingdom: A Key to Effective Evangelism?

John Neate

Empowering The Woman as An Indicator of The Socio-Political Impact of New Christianity in Africa

Heglon Kitawi

Yes, Your Church Can Be Multilingual (And It Probably Should Be)

Jonathan Downie

World Christianity and South-South Migrations: The Case of Congolese Evangelical Migrants in Burundi

Vianney Bitariho

Jesus As Proto-Ancestor

Joseph Ola


Feb 2023, Vol. 2.1 (Free Access)


A Young Generation Chosen by God to Make a Difference (Evi Rodemann)

The Future Engagement Of Youth in Mission

Danielle Face

A Young Generation Chosen by God to Make a Difference

Evi Rodemann

Five Decades, Five Generations: Can Unreached

'Zoomers' be Mobilised for Mission?

Jeff Fountain

Developments in Youth Ministry: An Interview with Pete Telfer

Carol Clarke

Missional Identity: Mary as a Model for Youth Formation/ Discipleship

John Baxter-Brown

Mission and Youth in Central and Eastern Europe After 30 Years

Tyler Patty


Dec 2022, Vol. 17.2(Free Access)


What’s the Diagnosis? A Physical Exam for Theological Education in East Asia (Walter McConnell)

Theological Education and Mission in Twenty-first Century East Asia

Walter McConnell

Wisdom as the Basis and Aim of Theological Education

Paul Woods

Psalm 23: A Deepening Relationship

Kwai Lin Stephens

Reflections on the Theological Educators’ Consultation

George Capaque

What’s the Diagnosis? A Physical Exam for Theological Education in East Asia

Walter McConnell

Partnering with the Thai Church in Leadership Development and Theological Education

David D. Chang

Mobilising Workers to Advance Discipleship in East and Southeast Asia

Allen McClymont

TEE—A Tool for Contextual Equipping of all God’s People

Graham Aylett, David Burke, and Iljo de Keijzer

Theological Education that Impacts—On Whom/What? For Whom/What?

Allan Harkness


Spring 2023 , Vol. 15.1 (Free Access)


Trust, Scripture, and the Spirit as Core Values of Evangelism in a Chinantec Village in Oaxaca, Mexico (Eliseo Arce Hernandez and Ashley Stamper)

Metrics and Measurements in Church-Based Research

David R. Dunaetz

The Top Ten Challenges Facing Churches in 2023

Eddie E. Moody, Jr.

Growing and Declining Churches Face Different Challenges: A Statistical Analysis of the Top Ten Challenges Facing Churches Study

David R. Dunaetz

Relationship Building for Evangelism Among English Language Learners in China

Ryan Jensen

Trust, Scripture, and the Spirit as Core Values of Evangelism in a Chinantec Village in Oaxaca, Mexico

Eliseo Arce Hernandez and Ashley Stamper

A Bibliometric Analysis of the Great Commission Research Journal 2009-2019

Glenn R. Wittig

Finding Them, Keeping Them – Strategies for Evangelism and Assimilation: A Review of the Books Written by Gary L. McIntosh

Gordon E. Penfold

My Pilgrimage in Church Growth

Gary L. McIntosh


'"The emancipation of Indigenous theologies in light of the rise of World Christianity"

May 2023, Vol. 39.1 (Free Access)


The blessing of diversity: Benefits of the emancipation of Indigenous theologies in light of the emergence of World Christianity (Jay Matenga)

The blessing of diversity: Benefits of the emancipation of Indigenous theologies in light of the emergence of World Christianity

Jay Matenga

Anaditj: the way things are. Knowing of God in Australia

Denise Champion

Leveraging indigenous theologies for church growth in light of the emergence of World Christianity

Paul Ayokunle

Reflections from three indigenous leaders in Latin America

Sarah Cawdell

Story of the First Nations Version project

Terry Wildman


Spring 2023, Vol. 1 (Free Access)


A New Testament Perspective on The Challenges and Opportunities for Intercultural Mission (John Root)

A New Testament Perspective on The Challenges and Opportunities for Intercultural Mission

John Root

Corporate Worship Expressed Interculturally

Jessie Tang

Intercultural (Multi-Ethnic) Churches: A Biblical Model

Francis Omondi

Learning To Serve Well in Intercultural Mission Partnerships

Peter Oyugi

Intercultural Church and The Bible: Essential or Peripheral?

Jem Hovil

A Biblical Perspective on Intercultural Leadership

Naomi Hill


"Diverse Co-Laborers Reaching Diverse Peoples"

Oct 2022, Vol 33.2 (Free Access following sign-up vetting)


Building Thriving Multiethnic Ministries in Global Missions: Three Critical, Overlooked Issues (Peter Lee)

Editorial Navigating Difference

S.T. Antonio Art

Building Thriving Multiethnic Ministries in Global Missions: Three Critical, Overlooked Issues

Peter Lee

“Who Is My Neighbor?” Showing Hospitality to Fellow Workers Who Are “Strangers” Among Us

J. Wu

From the Harvest to the Harvest: An Interview with a South Asian Mobilizer

M. Johnson

Helping Female Single Teammates Thrive amidst Challenges in Muslim Society: A Case Study

John Idoko

Dealing with Theological Differences on Church-Planting Teams

Andrew Hope


Spring 2023, Vol. 79 (Free Access)


The Future of Missions in India (Wati Longkumer)

The Future of Missions in India

Wati Longkumer

Themes, Motifs, And Purposes of Making Indigenous Local Theologies

David Gyeong Han

Update On International Students in Asia-Pacific Region: Post-Pandemic Mission Opportunity Re-Birth

Leiton Chinn

How We Actually Got the Bible: A Response to Bart Ehrman

Takaaki Hara

The Manifestation of The Holy Spirit Is for the ‘Common Good’: A Mission Perspective of The Gifts of The Spirit

Pervaiz Sultan

10/40 Window Update: From Mission Field to Mission Force

Luis Bush


2022, Vol. 10 (Free Access)


Singing from Our Soul: Worship music development in Latin American Vineyard Churches (1994-2017) (Fernando Mora)

Singing from Our Soul: Worship music development in Latin American Vineyard Churches (1994-2017)

Fernando Mora

Performance of the Biblical Book of Ruth as a Means Towards Trauma-healing: an Empirical Study from Cote D’Ivoire

June Dickie, Lynell Zogbo

The Use of Indigenous Musical Instruments in Traditional Christian Worship of the Yoruba, Nigeria

Emmanuel Fasipe

The Book of Jonah in the Style of Altai Epic Stories: A design for a performance in a local genre based on an oral bible translation

Bronwen Cleaver

Creativity, Liminality, and Metaphor in Songwriting

Matt Connor


March-April 2023, Vol. 5.3-4 (Free Access)

Adaka-Teaa Eschatology of Daddy Lumba and Alexander the Great: Implications for Contemporary Christians

Isaac Boaheng

The Translation of διελέγετο (dielexeto) in Acts 17:2 in Asante-Twi Bible: The Implication on Paul Personality

David Adu-Kyei


March 2023, Vol. 4.1 (Free Access)


Leveraging Biblical Artistry for Performance and Fidelity in Luke 15 (Joshua Frost and Heather Beal)

Leveraging Biblical Artistry for Performance and Fidelity in Luke 15

Joshua Frost and Heather Beal

Translanguaging Bible Translation

Drew Maust

Subject – כִּי Ordering in Temporal Clauses in Biblical Hebrew

Stephen H. Levinsohn

The Role of Ishmael in the Divine Drama: Act 2

Mark Harlan


"Creation Care Proclaiming Jesus as Lord of All the Earth"

April-June 2023, Vol. 59.2 (Subscription Access)

Is Creation Care Really a Gospel Issue?

Ed Brown

A Missional Theology of Creation Care

David Bookless

Creation Stewardship, Food, and the Gospel: A Winning Recipe for Holistic Ministry in a Hungry World

Craig Sorley

Posture Over Program: OMF’s Creation Care Journey

Jasmine Kwong

Is There a Green Gospel Message?

Erik Hyat

Witnessing God’s Resurrection Power in People and the Land

Alice Tlustos & Martin Tlustos

Planting Hope in the Wilderness of Our Hearts

Lawrence Ko

Creation Care: An Essential Component of Integral Mission

Kuki Rokhum & Joylin Niruba

Preaching the Good News in a Time of Crisis

Rachel Mash

Creation Care and the Gospel in Uganda

Sara Kaweesa


"Women in World Christianity"

March 2023, Vol. 29.1 (Subscription Access)

Women in World Christianity: Navigating Identities

Nuam Hatzaw and Jessie Fubara-Manuel

A Hopeful Gamble: Living the Faith as Migrant Workers and Transnational Mothers

Ma. Adeinev M. Reyes-Espiritu

‘Womanhood on the Streets’: African Women at the Crossroads of Religious Violence and Social Justice

Ruth Vida Amwe

Sacred Spaces and Disability: African Women Theology of Disability as Pastoral Praxis

Sinenhlanhla S. Chisale

Contemplating the Lived Theology of the Devadāsīs as Decolonial Epistemology in World Christianity

Eve Parker

Interview with Dr Fulata Lusungu Moyo

Jessie Fubara-Manuel

July 2023, Vol. 29.2 (Subscription Access)

World Christianity: Retrospect and Prospect

Alexander Chow

The Gospel beyond the West: The Sanneh–Walls Legacy and Emerging Conversation Partners in World Christianity Studies

Kyama Mugambi

Longing for Belonging: Forwarding Andrew Walls’ Thoughts on Migration and Mission through an Ethnographic Study on Diasporic Chinese in Singapore's Christian Communities

Jackie Jia Chyi Hwang

Unearthing Treasure in Clay Jars: T. C. Chao and the Formation of Chinese Dogmatic Theology

John Sampson

‘Beyond their own dwellings’: The Emergence of a Transregional and Transcontinental Indigenous Christian Public Sphere in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Klaus Koschorke and Adrian Hermann

Encounter with Magesa: A Tribute to Professor Laurenti Magesa (1946–2022)

Aloys Otieno Ojore


April 2023, Vol. 51.2 (Subscription Access)

North Korean Christian refugee understanding of evil

Ryan Klejment-Lavin

Developing a missiology for ministry to nomads

Evelyn Hibbert, Lance Williamson, and Barbara Williamson

African American missionaries serving overseas: A surprising numerical and demographic analysis of US-born Blacks in missions

James W. Sutherland, Richard Coleman, and Jacinta Russell

The role of associational life in the development of social capital: Theoretical considerations for Christian NGOs engaged in development initiatives

Lindsey A. Huang

Missional pilgrimage: A new framework for short-term mission

Rachel D. Spencer and Hannah Green

A Christology of history and contextualization: Hans Urs von Balthasar’s mission Christology and Kosuke Koyama’s contextualizing Christology

Jacob Lett


Dec 2022, Vol. 16.2 (Subscription Access)

Asian Australian Women in Ministry and Mission: Contributions, Experiences, Inequalities, and Futures

Graham Joseph Hill

Multicultural Church in Australia: Reflections On a Ten-Year Personal Journey in Academia.

David Turnbull

Lessons from an African Pentecostal Woman Leader: The Life and Teaching of Faraja Hamuli.

Tamie Davis

Tibetan Diaspora

Suzanne Rowe

Anglo-German Antagonism in Polynesia: The London Missionary Society under Imperial German Rule in Samoa, 1900-1914

John Moses

Ua sopo le vā: Moving Beyond Religious and Cultural Boundaries of the Samoan Diaspora Church Towards Multicultural Churches

Terry Pouono

June 2023, Vol. 17.1 (Subscription Access)

Intercultural Theology and Contextualising Mission

Graham Joseph Hill

“You Took Me In”: Seeking Transformation for Migrant Workers, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers

Brad Coath

Shaping Christian Spirituality and Theology for a New Urban World

Graham Joseph Hill

The Ecology of Urban Mission

Howard A. Snyder

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Australasian Mission Organisations

Katherine N. Thompson, Delle Matthews, David Williams, Thomas Kimber, Mathis Grossmann, Michael Brautigam

Reflections on the Unit “Mission in the Urban Context”

Graeme Dunkley

Should Urban Mission Include a Focus on Older People?

Ben Boland

Formation for Mission – Address to the Bishops of FCBCO in Pacific Harbour.

Fr Frank Hoare, SSC


"Christianity, States and Integration"

April 2023, Vol. 40.2 (Subscription Access)

Climate Change, Inequality, and Vulnerabilities in Pre-Modern Korea: Implications for Mission After COVID-19

Bright Myeong-Seok Lee

Political Disputes and Religious Fusions: From Countering to Understanding the Naga and Zo Narratives of Self-Determination

Samuel G Ngaihte

Christian Migrants and Their Living Faith in Mission: An Indonesian Perspective

Raymundus Sudhiarsa

Reconciling the Republic of South Moluccas Movement with Indonesia Nation: A Christian perspective

Rachel Iwamony

‘Forgiveness’ in Building Bridges With Muslims: An Intertextual Analysis of the Joseph's Narrative

Hanna Hyun

Muslim Diasporas: An Examination of the Issues of the Second and Third Generation Muslims in Europe

Ishak M. Ghatas

Barriers for Believers in Christ from Muslim Backgrounds: A Case from North America

Sam Kim


Feb 2023, Vol. 13.1 (Subscription Access)

From an Excluded Mission Field to the World Christianity Map: The CCLA and Emerging Voices of Elite Latin American Protestants (1910–1929)

Carlos F. Cardoza-Orlandi

Post-American Mormonism in the Changing World Order

Matthew Crandall

Special Report on “Decolonizing Churches”

Dale T. Irvin

Decolonizing Churches

Sandra Arenas

Equity, Indigeneity, Pluri-universality, and Hybridity: Musings on the Decolonizing the Church Conference

David Douglas Daniels III

Decolonizing Churches as Emancipation and Exorcism

Aaron T. Hollander


April 2023, Vol. 47.2 (Subscription Access)

Introductory Essay: Migration and World Christianity

Matthew J. Krabill

Seeing the World Through African Eyes: A Tribute to Andrew Walls

Jehu J. Hanciles

“That’s Jesus’s Intent, and That Was Our Intent Too!”: African Migration, Race, and US Missions

Kimberly Akano

Possessing the Nations: Immigration and the Changing Landscape of the Church in Scotland

Sheila Akomiah-Conteh

Every Christian Migrant a Potential Missionary: Reflections on the Missiology of the Redeemed Christian Church of God

Harvey Kwiyani

New Generations, New Mission: Intergenerational Faith Transmission and the Missionary Function of African Immigrant Faith Communities

Allison L. Norton & Caleb Opoku Nyanni

“Spiritually Dynamic but Ecclesially Deviant”: African Immigrant Christianity and New Ecumenical Terrain in the West

Matthew J. Krabill

Reimagining GO and SEND Mission Paradigms for an Age of Global Migration and World Christianity

Sam George

Where the Dewdrops Fall: Shalom International Ministry and the Cultivation of a Twenty-First-Century Missionary Movement

Jennifer L. Aycock & Gad Mpoyo

Misunderstanding Misunderstanding: Exploring the Depth of Hindrance to Cross-Cultural Communications

Geoff Beech


April 2023, Vol. 40.1 (Subscription Access)

Missionary Linguistics and the Protestant Policies for Missionary (Re)translations (English into Judeo-Spanish) in the Nineteenth Century

Daniel Martín-González

Two Approaches by Dutch Missionaries to Communicating the Gospel in Seventeenth-Century Taiwan

Christopher Joby

Cultural Change versus Adaptability? The Ascendance of the Christian God within Zo Traditional Cosmology

Pum Khan Pau & Thang Sian Mung

Integrating Pentecostal Healing and Western Medicine: A Case Study

Karl Inge Tangen

The Gospel as a Life to Live: Tokunboh Adeyemo and the Evangelical Debate on Mission

Wouter Theodoor (W.T.) van Veelen

Social Discourses in Egypt: Historical Developments of Interfaith Relations between Christians and Muslims

Toby Kan

Mission as Hospitality with Refugees and Other Migrants: Exploring Ross Langmead’s “Guests and Hosts” in Australian Churches

Darren Cronshaw, Hanna Hyun, Peter Laughlin, Titus S. Olorunnisola, & Stephen Parker


"Mapping the Field of Religion, Globalization and Youth Agency"

April 2023 , Vol. 36.1-2 (Subscription Access)

Mapping the Field of Religion, Globalization and Youth Agency

Charles Mercier, Jean-Philippe Warren, and Hillary Kaell

“We Are Descendants of the Buddha” The Youth Buddhist Society and Return Globalization in Sankissa

David Geary and Manish Kumar

Au Pair Religion: Authenticity and Ambivalence among Young Filipinos in Denmark

Astrid Krabbe Trolle

Mobilités transnationales et changement religieux: De nouveaux rites de passage pour de jeunes Français au Québec

Géraldine Mossière

Young People, Globalization and Interfaith Advocacy: A Case Study of the InterFaith Tour (2012–2020)

Charles Mercier

Mutual Influences in Orthodox Missions among the Nanai People in the Russian Far East

Anne Dalles Maréchal

Transnational Mobility and Religious Change: Unidirectional Boundaries of Franciscan Missionaries in Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century California

Jared Bok

“Except You Be Born of Water and the Spirit, You Cannot Enter into the Kingdom” The Social Meaning of Baptism in Toro, Uganda 1890–1910

Emma Wild-Wood



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