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Mission Hits Journals #7 (Apr-Jun 2022)

Welcome to Mission Hits Journals #7 (April-June 2022), a quarterly posting linking you to all recent articles from 35 different journals/periodicals related to world mission and world Christianity

This edition has 20 different journal issues within, containing 114 articles.

With topics ranging from African migration to global Bible translation and from missional theological education to the church in China, I trust everyone will find something to keep you informed, inspired, and thoroughly up-to-date, so that you don't miss out on anything relevant to your ministry and interests.

If you have friends, colleagues, professors, or students who might benefit from this resource, please do forward this to them and encourage them to sign up to. They can do so by clicking here.

Wishing you every blessing as you learn about and live out God's grand mission purposes.

In Christ,

Dr. Chris Howles (UK)

Head of Theology (Uganda Martyrs Seminary, Namugongo), DIS Fuller Theological Seminary

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(1) Missio Dei Journal (Winter-Spring 2022, Vol. 13.1)

(2) Mission Frontiers (May-Jun, Vol. 44.3)

(3) Missionalia (2022, Vol. 50)

(4) Mission Round Table (Jan 2022, Vol. 17.1)

(5) Lausanne Global Analysis (May 2022, Vol. 11.3)

(6) Journal of Global Christianity (Apr 2022, Vol. 7.1)

(7) Journal of Urban Mission (July 2022, Vol. 8.1)

(8) Ecclesial Futures (June 2022, Vol. 3.1)


(9) Studies in World Christianity (July 2022, Vol. 28.2)

(10) Evangelical Missions Quarterly (July 2022, Vol. 58.3)

(11) International Bulletin of Mission Research (July 2022, Vol. 46.3)

(12) Mission Studies (June 2022, Vol. 39.2)

(13) Missiology: An International Review (July 2022, Vol. 50.3)

(14) Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies (Apr 2022, Vol. 39.2)

(15) Exchange: Journal of Contemporary Christianities in Context (June 2022, Vol. 51.1)

(16) International Review of Mission (May 2022, Vol. 111.1)


Winter-Spring 2022, Vol. 13.1 (Free Access)


Communicating catholic and Indigenous Christianity: The Anglican Book of Common Prayer’s Contribution to Global Mission (Edward L. Smither)

A Freed African to Free Africa: Alexander Cross and the Liberian Mission

Shawn Daggett

David Lipscomb’s Political Eschatology

Travis Bookout and John Young

Communicating catholic and Indigenous Christianity: The Anglican Book of Common Prayer’s Contribution to Global Mission

Edward L. Smither

Christian Global Network TV (CGNTV): A Korea-Based Multi-Platform Digital Mission Network

J. Nelson Jennings

John Franke’s Missional Theology: A Review Essay

Greg McKinzie


"George Patterson, 1932-2022: The Father of Church Planting Movements in Our Day"

May-Jun 2022, Vol. 44.3 (Free access)


Principles Gleaned from 20 Years of Catalyzing Movements in Myanmar (Jay Judson)

A Historic and World-Changing Life Lived Well

Rick Wood

George Patterson, 1932–2022: A Daughter’s Testimony

Anne Patterson Thiessen

George Patterson’s Principles: Led to a Mongolian Movement to Christ

Brian Hogan

Principles Gleaned from 20 Years of Catalyzing Movements in Myanmar

Jay Judson

Patterson’s Principles

Lee Purgason

14 Steps of Mobilization to Reach the Unreached!

George Patterson

Longing for the Golden City

Jay Judson

Toward the Edges

Kevin Higgins

24:14 Coalition Update: Gaining Church-Planting Momentum During COVID-19

Aila Tasse

The Urgency of God i.e. We Could be Going Faster

Rick Leatherwood

The Phenomenon of Church Multiplication in the Book of Acts

George Patterson

Further Thought: Cultural Difference and the Spread of the Gospel

Greg H. Parsons


2022, Vol. 50 (Free Access)


Pentecost of the city: Towards an African urban migratory theology (Afolabi Ghislain Agbèdè)

Pentecost of the city: Towards an African urban migratory theology

Afolabi Ghislain Agbèdè

St Cuthbert’s Mission Station: Fragments of living heritage, the archive and documentary filmmaking – ‘the future of the past’

Lieza Louw

les Eglises à Libreville face aux défis urbains

Calixte Mbakere

Missio-pastoral and theological implications for migration and increased demagoguing in South Africa

Buhle Southern Mpofu


Jan 2022, Vol. 17.1 (Free Access)


Staying Well (Janet Dallman)

Staying Well

Janet Dallman

A Response to “Staying Well”

Beverlea Parkhill

Training and Attrition

David Harley

Our Missionary Journey

Asholi Akamu

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost


The Modular Study Group: An Answer to One Part of the Problem of Missionary Retention

Walter DeMoss and Jeff Henney


Mar 2022, Vol. 11.2 (Free access)


A Historical View of the Christian Minority in India (Cynthia Stephen)

Christian Persecution in Nigeria Babatomiwa M. Owojaiye

A Historical View of the Christian Minority in India Cynthia Stephen

Why Canada’s Multicultural Policy Falls Short of the Gospel Ideal Sherman Lau

Theological Education for Digital Natives Kaiky Fernandez and Pedro Dulci


April 2022, Vol. 7.1 (Free Access)


Different Cultures, Different Atonement Model? Penal Substitutionary Atonement and Fear-Power Cultures (Matt Deaver)

What Does “Untrained” Mean?

Darren M. Carlson

Majority-World Theological Education in the Globalized Age

Anthony F. Casey

Different Cultures, Different Atonement Model? Penal Substitutionary Atonement and Fear-Power Cultures

Matt Deaver

The “Nevius Method”: Retrieving Theological and Missiological Criteria for Money in Missions

Joshua Bowman

Incarnational Pastoral Training in the Majority World: An Interview with Dr. Paul House, Author of "Bonhoeffer's Seminary Vision"

Paul House and Joost Nixon


Dec 2021, Vol. 8.1 (Free Access)


Missional Identity Development in Urban Christians (Matthew Hallam)

Missional Identity Development in Urban Christians

Matthew Hallam

Mending Fences: Viewing Set Theory Through a “Both/And” Lens

Christopher J. Freet

Merging Our Missional Silos: A Redemptive Opportunity in the Climate Crisis

Allen Drew


June 2022, Vol. 3.1 (Free Access)


Discipleship, mentorship and training which empowers African women for ministry in the diaspora (Naar M'Fundisi-Holloway)

Problems with "pioneering" mission: Reflections on the term "pioneer"

from Germany, South Africa and the UK

Ben Aldous, Luke Larner, Adrian Schleifenbaum, Rayiv Sidhu

Setting God's pioneers free? The need to release lay pioneers from

the Church of England's narrative of resourcing and equipping

James Butler

Discipleship, mentorship and training which empowers African women

for ministry in the diaspora

Naar M'Fundisi-Holloway

Communal maturation and missional discipleship: A congregational


Nick Ladd

Joyful disciples: A study of a missing link in considering spiritual

disciplines and corporate missional habits

Mike Harrison

We want the good life now: Insights from lived religion for a whole person

and communal approach to salvation in the twenty-first century

Dejan Aždajić


July 2022, Vol. 28.2 (Subscription access)

Editorial: World Christianity and Reciprocal Exchange

Afe Adogame, Raimundo Barreto and Richard F. Young

The Break-up of Early World Christianity and the Great Ecumenical Failure

Andrew Finlay Walls

A Missing Link: African Christian Resonances in the Rise of Indian Muslim and Hindu Missions

Shobana Shankar

From ‘Sacrificing to Ancestors’ (jizu) to ‘Reverencing Ancestors’ (jingzu): Bread of Life Christianity's Cultural Negotiation between Christianity and Confucianism for a Hybrid Identity

Sheng Ping Guo

‘The Eliminated Gods’: The Christian Reconfiguration of Jukun Theism

Nathan Irmiya Elawa

The Making and Shaping of World Christianity: Commemorating the Legacies of Andrew F. Walls and Ogbu U. Kalu

Ruth Amwe and Byung Ho Choi


"Bible Translation"

Jul 2022, Vol. 58.3 (Subscription access)

The Translating God

Heather Pubols

Bible Translation is the Key to a Christian Faith “at Home” in Any Culture

Michel Kenmogne

The Landscape of Bible Translation in the 21st Century

Phil King and Dick Kroneman

Multilingualism and Ministry

Kyle Harris

Collaboration in Bible Translation

Paul Kimbi and Sarah Starrenburg

Solving the Consultant Dilemma

Brigitte Rabarijaona

The Time for the Deaf is Now

Marisa Sorenson

Engaging Deaf Tanzanian Children with Scripture

Sensor Joseph Msimbete

Oral Bible Translation is Key to Seeing Scripture in Every Language

Swapna Alexander, Bryan Harmelink, and Youngshin Kim, with Jim Killam

The Jesus Factor

A. Steven Evans

Equipping the Church for Church-Centric Bible Translation

Natalia Piroshenko and Sofia Ivanov with Lincoln Brunner

8 Lessons Learned in 80 Years of Bible Translation

Jennifer Holloran

Rethinking Orality

Trevor Yoakum

A Twenty-First Century Challenge for North American Mission Agencies

Sheryl Takagi Silzer

Global Mobilization – What Is the Spirit Saying?

Ryan Shaw

The New Testament is Not Enough

Peter Yuh Kimeng


Jul 2022, Vol. 46.3 (Subscription access)

Royal Power Perfected (also Triumphing!) in Weakness

Thomas John Hastings

A Faith with Which We Can Go Public: The Witness of Desmond Tutu

Nico Koopman

Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples: Four Hundred Years in the Service of the Missionary World

Marek Adam Rostkowski

The Church and the Pandemic in Burma

Pum Za Mang

Social and Religious Inculturation of Health Care in the Roman Catholic Mission in Georgia

Ana Chkuaseli

An Analysis of the Philippine Catholic Church’s Approach to President Duterte’s Drug War

Christopher Ryan Maboloc

Christian Witness in Turkey: A Personal and Biblical Commentary

Wolfgang Häde

Factors Influencing North Korean Worldview: Juche and Trauma

Robert Holmes and Eunice Hong

Empowered by the Holy Spirit to Serve the Least: Hawaii’s (Korean) Cedar Church

Wonsuk Ma and Julie Ma

Revisiting Lamin Sanneh’s “Western Guilt Complex” from a Grassroots Perspective

K. Kale You

Protestant Missionaries and Humanitarianism in the DRC: The Politics of Aid in Cold War Africa

Dwight P. Baker

Are There Nonproselytizing Methods for Planting New Churches in Muslim Lands?

Christian Giordano

Pentecostal Culture in Rio’s Peripheries: Graffiti and National Political Agency

Christina Vital da Cunha


"Powers, Inequalities, and Vulnerabilities: Mission in a Wounded World"

Jun 2022, Vol. 39.2 (Subscription access)

The Urgent Demands of the Present: Missiological Discernment in a Wounded World

Paul Kollman

Mission as Integral Ecology: Doing Theology at Bethany

Emmanuel Katongole

Shalom and Sangsaeng: Transforming Discipleship in a Pandemic-Stricken World

Jooseop Keum

Wounded in Mission: Where in the World Are You from? Identity and Suffering in Discipleship and Witness

Rosalee Velloso Ewell

Missio Dei: Is There Any Common Ground?

Rolf Kjøde

What Does J.N. Farquhar Have to Say about Islam?

David Emmanuel Singh

A Declaration on the “Russian World” (Russkii Mir) Teaching

Brandon Gallaher and Pantelis Kalaitzidis


July 2022, Vol. 50.3 (Subscription access)

Women’s piety movements in Islam

Moyra Dale

Canaan Hymns: Songs from the fields—A grassroots missiology of the Chinese church movement

Xiaoli Yang

Rural-to-urban migrants: Possibilities for new churches in China’s cities

Jamie Sanchez

Experiencing recent missionary evacuations: Traumatic stress and loss as social networks break down

Susan Gary Walters

Education and discipling in a performance-based or rote learning context

Christine Heather Bird and Moyra Dale

Not whole without us: Including people with disabilities in our understanding of the church, the gospel, and the world

Rochelle Scheuermann


Apr 2022, Vol. 39.2 (Subscription access)

The Shift of the Center of Gravity of the Church from the West to the Majority World

Hwa Young

The Shift of the Centre of Gravity of the Church from the West to the Majority World: A Response

Lindsay Brown

Pancasila and Covenantal Pluralism in Indonesia: A Historical Approach

Philip Suciadi Chia

Rethinking Ao Naga traditional religion

Tiatemsu Longkumer

Missional Discipleship in the Public Sphere: With Special Reference to Lordship, Followership and Christlikeness in the Concept of Public Discipleship

Guichun Jun


Jun 2022, Vol. 51.1 (Subscription access)

Saint John Neumann Migrants Centre/FaceBook Page. A Case Study of a Cyberchurch

Agnes M. Brazal and Jose Eric Mella Lacsa

Beyond Interiority in Christian Conversion: Proximity to Jesus as Patron among Muslim-background “Isai” in Bangladesh

Christian J. Anderson

‘Sacrament of (Be)longing’: Analysis of Finnish Lutheran and Orthodox Christian Eucharistic Practices amid Absence and Estrangement

Talvikki Ahonen, Sini Mikkola, Laura Kallatsa, and Pekka Metso

Attitudes and Ecumenical Recognition. How Do Attitudes Define, Facilitate, or Inhibit Ecumenical Advancement?

Minna Hietamäki


May 2022, Vol. 111.1 (Subscription access)

Mission and Unity: Pentecostal Recollections and the Developing Understandings of Unity and Pneumatology in WCC Documents

Jean-Daniel Plüss

Transformation, Mission, Reconciliation, and Unity: An African Woman’s Perspective

Mutale M. Kaunda

Missionary Cooperation as a Common Witness of Christian Hope and Fraternity

Sandra Mazzolini

Strengthening Unity for the Missional Church: The Role of Theological Education in Overcoming Racism

Peirong Lin

Spirituality of Moderation: Ecumenical Responses to Human Greed – An Indonesian Experience

Henriette T. Hutabarat Lebang

The Challenge for Christian Unity and Reconciliation Today from a Decolonial Perspective

Raimundo C. Barreto Jr

Mission and Unity: From a Latin American Perspective

Lauri Emilio Wirth

Christ’s Love Moves the World to Reconciliation and Unity: A Perspective from Disability Theology

Samuel George

Being with Jesus and Being Sent Out: Unity and Mission in the Gospel of Mark

Lawrence Iwuamadi

Mission Education in Burma, 1600–1948

Pum Za Mang

The Influence of John Dewey’s Pragmatism on the Church Growth Movement

R. Vivian Pietsch

Unity and Mission: Searching for Visible Communion within the ecumenical movement

Susan Durber


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