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Mission Hits Journals #3 (April-June 2021)

Dear friends,

Welcome to Mission Hits Journals #3 (April-June 2021), a quarterly post linking you to all recent articles from journals/periodicals related to world mission and world Christianity.

I pray that it will keep you informed, inspired, and thoroughly up-to-date with contemporary missiological thinking, so that don't miss out on anything relevant to you and your interests.

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In Christ,

Chris (Howles)

Head of Theology at Uganda Martyrs Seminary, and Crosslinks (UK) Mission Partner

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IN MISSION HITS JOURNALS #3 (April-June 2021)…


(1) Mission Frontiers

(2) Journal of Urban Mission

(3) Lausanne Global Analysis

(4) Global Missiology

(5) Glocal Conversations

(6) Missionalia

(7) Quarterly Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association

(8) Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue Journal

(9) Great Commission Research Journal

(10) Missio Dei Journal


(11) Evangelical Missions Quarterly

(12) International Bulletin of Mission Research

(13) Missiology: An International Review

(14) Ecclesial Futures

(15) International Review of Mission

(16) Mission Studies

(17) Social Sciences and Missions

(18) Journal of World Christianity

(19) Studies in World Christianity


May/June 2021 (Free access)

Understanding Human Nature and Money

Rick Wood

What Have You Brought For Us? Reflections on Unhealthy Dependency via My Short-Term Missions (STM) Experiences

Alison Gochnauer

Five Times, Ninety Days and One Generation

Jean Johnson

A Support Structure for Staying the Course

Maria Gilbertson

Could Inspiring More “We Did It” Stories Help Break the Dependency Mindset?

Dan Carl

Is There a Cure for Unhealthy Dependency?

Glenn Schwartz

Mission Co-Dependency: Its Symptoms, Long- Term Effects and Prevention

David Bogosian

Dependency is a Complicated Issue!

Kevin Higgins

Your Part in God’s Story: An Interview with Author Steve Addison

Steve Addison

Becoming a Person of Dogged Determination

C. Anderson

The Impact of Dependency on the Home Front

Greg Parsons


June 2021, Vol. 7.1 (Free Access)

#ChurchToo Through the Lens of Trauma

Heather Evans & Hannah Wildasin

The Gospel Versus Patriarchy: Ruth and Esther Have Something to Say

Carolyn Custis James

Jephthah’s Daughter and #metoo

Tamika Holder

Healing from the Bitter Past: A New Way Forward for the Korean American Church

Dave Park

Mentoring: Raising Up Leaders for the Harvest

Bill Krispin

Case Study: Global Outreach in an Urban World

Ernest McNear & Lin Crowe


May 2021 (Free access)

Passing the Baton to Evangelical Migrants

Harvey Thiessen and Alena Popova

Why Missions Mobilizers Need Foundational Training

Jojie Wong

Polycentrism as the New Leadership Paradigm

Joseph W. Handley

Racism and the Great Commission

Jennifer Javed Khan, Rebecca Yin Foo, Paul Lewis, & Susan Ann Samuel


"Digital Media and Missions"

April 2021, Vol. 18.2 (Free Access)

Navigating the Inescapable: Christian Missions and Digital Media

Ruslan Zagidulin

Technology as a Modern-Day Tower of Babel: The Garden of Eden as an Alternative Vision for Missionally Engaging a Media-Saturated Culture

Daniel Topf

Digi-Learning: Accelerating Theological Training and Leader Development during COVID-19 – A Leadership Laboratory

Joseph W. Handley, Jr.

Media Engagement beyond the Coronavirus Contextualization

Rudolf Kabutz and Lars Dahle

Conversion or Proselytization? Being Maasai, Becoming Christian

Joshua Robert Barron

God’s Plan for the Fullness of Time: Overhauling Ralph Winter’s “Ten Epochs” and “Three Eras” Models (Part II)

J.Nelson Jennings

Indigenous People’s Wisdom and the Church’s Mission of Caring for the Earth:

Towards Integral Ecology

Chito M. Sawit


May 2021, Vol. 9.1 (Free Access)

Merchants and Mission in the First Fifteen Hundred Years of the Church in Asia

Steve Cochrane

Misunderstandings about the Christian Worldview in Plural Society and Public Engagement

Tiago de Melo Novais

A Cross Vision of G. Boyd’s Cross Vision

Paul Miller


2020, Vol. 48.3 (Free Access)

Theological Education and African Cities: An Imperative For Action

Stephan de Beer

Equipping Lay Leaders for Christian Ministry in the Anglican Church of Kenya through Theological Education by Extension: Prospects and Challenges

George Kiarie


April 2021, Vol. 71 (Free Access)

Leadership In Mission

Timothy K. Park

Relational Transformational Leadership: An Asian Christian Perspective

Enoch Wan

Leading Polycentrically in Mission

Joseph W. Handley Jr.

“The Spirit of Lausanne Leadership: Humility, Integrity and Simplicity” An Interview of Dr. Michael Oh

Damples Dulcero-Baclagon

Vision And Strategies of House Church Leader

David S. Lim

A Contextualized Leadership Development for Emerging Christian Leaders in Cambodia

Gil Suh

Biblical Leadership

Raineer Chu


"Religious Authority in Hyperconnected Times"

May 2021 (Free Access)

Featured: A Holy influence: Understanding Religious Authority in Hyperconnected Times

Pauline Cheong

Response: What is True Religion and Trustworthy Spirituality?

Kirsteen Kim

Response: Fides Quaerens Intellectum and Techno Religious Authority

Benson Rajan

Response: Between Supplication and Supplantation of Religious Authority

Bala Musa

Response: Cultural Differences and Conservative Directions Within Digital Religions

Charles Ess

Response: Towards a Spirituality That is Authoritative in All Aspects of Life

Phil Towne

Response: Religious Adherents as Power Brokers of Religious Authority in the Digital Age

Paulo Oliveira

Response: Religious Authority in Hindu Guru Digital spaces

Xenia Zeiler


Spring 2021, Vol. 13.1 (Free Access)

The Importance of Hypotheses in Church Based Research

David R. Dunaetz Editor

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Mission Opportunities and Challenges

Paul Lee

How Research on Young Adults Informs Evangelism

Gary Comer

My Pilgrimage in Church Growth

Charles Arn


Spring 2021, Vol. 12.1 (Free Access)

Formation, Continuity and Multiplication of Churches within Australian Church Planting Movement (CPM) Paradigms

David Milne and Darren Cronshaw

Mission as “Foreign Policy”: The Historical Influence of US International Relations on North American Protestant Missiology

Jayson Georges

The Evil Eye: A Contextual Theology for the Arabian Peninsula

Aubry G. Smith

A Phased-Hybrid Training Approach for Frontier Missionaries

Henry Vermont and Johannes Malherbe

Preaching for Formation as Participants in the Mission of God

K. Rex Butts

Racial Reconciliation and the Opportunity of the Lord’s Supper

James C. Black


Apr-Jun 2021, Vol. 57. 2 (Subscription Access)

“Go and Make Disciples of All Nations” –Jesus

Marvin J. Newell

Why Discovery Groups?

Steven Steinhaus

Disembodied Discipleship: A Critique of the Discovery Bible Study Method

Aubry Smith

Discipling Believers from a Muslim Background: A Call to Discipleship Research

Yakup Korkmaz

Transcultural Discipleship Entry-Points

John Smith

Bridging Effective Instruction in “Brain Drained” Nations

Andrew Tlucek

Making Disciples: Why Micro Over Macro is the New Way for the West

Jonah Fox

Media to Movements: A Disciple Making Movement Strategy

Frank Preston

Jesus of the Gospel or the Witch of Tradition: Cause for Vulnerable Mission

Jim Harries

Making Disciples: Beyond Honour and Shame?

Lewis Varley

Which Type of Cross-Cultural Disciple Maker Are You?

Kim Zovak

Poised for Growth: First Century Methods Fueled the Early Church Movement

Derek Seipp

A Response to “The Case for Denominationally Based Ministries Among Somalis”

Ben I. Aram and Ya Sow Lij with Gary Corwin


July 2021, Vol. 45.3 (Subscription Access)

The Political and Economic Vision of Pope Francis: Implications for Philippine Church Mission

Jerry D. Imbong

The “Munich School” as a Corrective in World Christianity

Dyron B. Daughrity

The Changing Face of US Protestant Overseas Ministries: Trends from 1951 to 2016

Jared Book

From Baptist Tenant Farmer to Indigenous Oblate Priest: Jim Holland’s Journey of Missionary Hybridity

Allan Effa

Kingdom Come: The Eschatology of Missionary Maps

David Onnekink

Struggles of Korean Second-Generation Leaders: Leaving the Immigrant Church

Eunice Hong

The Fellowship of Suffering: Insights from Trauma Healing

Harriet Hill

Fidelia Fiske and the School for Girls at Urmia, Persia (1843–1858)

Musa Khamushi

Art, Faith, and Culture in Mission: The Legacy of Pulidindi Solomon Raj

B. S. Moses Kumar


April 2021, Vol. 49.2 (Subscription Access)

Reconceptualizing Indigeneity in Minority Ethnic Groups

Richard Hibbert And Evelyn Hibbert

Windows Into the House of Islam: Including Women’s Spaces

Moyra Dale

Pilgrim’s Missionary Progress: Contemporary Evangelistic Adaptations

Of John Bunyan’s Lingering Spiritual Classic for A Post-Secular West

Andy Draycott

Research Serving Theology: A Model for The Era of World Christianity

Simon Herrmann

Reversing The Flow of Short-Term Missions Within a Partnership Model: Perceptual Outcomes

Simone Mulieri Twibell

Global Health: A New Paradigm for Medical Mission?

Giles N Cattermole

Inside And Out: Knowing Chinese and US Models of Ministry

Daniel Rupp


June 2021, Vol. 2.1 (Subscription Access)

Community on Mission in a World Wounded by Poverty: A Call to Solidarity, Vulnerability and Liberation

Beatrice W. E. Churu and Mary N. Getui

Transforming Discipleship: Missional Church, Discipleship and the Discourse of Transformation amongst the Urban Poor

Daniel Njuguna

Out with the Old, in with the New? An Introduction to the Phenomenon of New Churches in Glasgow, Scotland

Shelia Akomiah-Conteh

A Reflection on Nominal Christians in Contemporary England: A Non-Diasporic Korean Missionary Perspective

Sinwoong Kim

Dwelling in the World with People of Peace: Missional Discipleship within the Missio Dei

Nick Ladd

My Pilgrimage to the Missional in South Africa

Coenie Burger


May 2021, Vol. 100.1 (Subscription Access)

Mission And Reconciliation: Theology for A New Remembrance

Rastko Jović

Reconciliation And the Great (Whole) Commission

Al Tizon

Terrorism And Religious Fundamentalism: A Biblical-Christian Perspective for Peacebuilding in Indonesia

Yusak Budi Setyawan

“Liturgy Emerges from A Wound”: Initial Observations of Developing Ecclesial Life from An Ethnographic Study of The Community Supper at St Peter’s, Mowbray, Cape Town

Benjamin Aldous

From Busan to Arusha, And Beyond: Towards Kenotic Christ-Connected Discipleship in Recent Ecumenical Missiology

Risto Jucko

Moratorium And Reconciliation in A Post-Missionary Era: Retrieving the Legacy of Colin Morris

Jonathan Kankwa

Racism As a Passion of The Soul: Nosography and Spiritual Pathogenesis of The Spiritual Illness from The Perspective of Orthodox Dogmatics

Iosif Bosch

Nunca Más: From Oppression to Peace and Reconciliation in Guatemala

Ambrose Among

Kotahitanga And Koinonia in Shalom as The Objective of The Mission of God

Jay Matenga

Unity For the Sake of Missions: Pentecostal Hesitation and Openness to Ecumenical Collaboration

Arto Hämäläinen

Mission And Reconciliation from A Christian-Muslim Relations Perspective: The Case of PROCMURA in Africa

Komi Dzinyefa Adrake

Churches In Solidarity with The Divided Korean Peninsula: Missiological Reflections on The Ecumenical Efforts of Reconciliation

Jin Yang Kim


May 2021, Vol. 38.1 (Subscription Access)

The Missionary in the World: The Invention of the Soul of Saint Francis Xavier in an Anonymous Sermon: The East, Quito and Rome, 18th Century

Rafael Gaune and Maria Montt Strabucchi

Negotiating Norwegian Mission Education in Zululand and Natal during World War II

Ellen Vea Rosnes

Secularizing Effects of Christian Mission: Fifty Years After Elmer Miller’s “The Christian Missionary, Agent of Secularization”

Maryse Kruithof

Turangawaewae as the Means of Moving from Migrant to Mission Worker: Identification Strategies in Embracing the Context and the People

Mario Weyers

“Keep Your Mind in Hell and Despair Not”: Dealing with the Wounds and Complicities of 20th Century Orthodoxy in Estonia Through the Theology of St Sophrony (Sakharov) and Arvo Pärt

Irina Paert

Wounded Because of Religion: Identifying the Components of Gender-Specific Religious Persecution of Christians

Helene Fisher, Elizabeth Lane Miller, and Christof Sauer

Missional Christian Communities in Conditions of Marginality: On Finding a ‘Missional Existence’ in the Post-Christian West

Stefan Paas


May 2021, Vol. 34.1-2 (Subscription Access)

Missions and the Construction of Gender in the Middle East

Séverine Gabry-Thienpont and Norig Neveu

Religieuses, laïques et travail social en Haute-Égypte: L’ émergence de la question féminine à l’ âge nationaliste (années 1940-1970)

Catherine Mayeur-Jaouen

American Missionaries in Egypt, Gender Relations, and the Professional and Social Formation of Women, 1854–1967

Heather J. Sharkey

“Have You Ever Been Told That God Loves You?”: Conjugality, Celibacy, and the Heterosexual Division of Religious Labour in an Istanbul Mixed Pentecostal Church

Armand Aupiais

Masculinity, Industrial Education and Fascism in Egypt”: Gender Construction in the Salesian Missionary Schools (1900–1939)

Annalaura Turiano

Obéissance aux clercs et entre soi: Le modèle masculin de l’ université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth à la fin de la période ottomane

Chantal Verdeil

When the Physician Becomes an Apostle: The Persona of the Catholic Colonial Doctor in Interwar Belgium and the Belgian Congo

Maarten Langhendries and Kaat Wils


2021, Vol. 11.1 (Subscription Access)

Where the Spirit Dwells: Reflections on “The Encyclical of the Recent Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church” through an Eastern-European Pentecostal Lens

Daniela Christova Augustine

A Protestant Response to “Relations of the Orthodox Church with the Rest of the Christian World”

John P. Burgess

Response to the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church

Dale M. Coulter

The Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church: A Roman Catholic Appraisal

Peter C. Phan

The Holy and Great Council of Crete and Eastern Orthodoxy’s Struggle for Identity in the Modern West

Brandon Gallaher

Disciplinary Trespassing, Historical Analysis, and Geopolitics: A Commentary on the Ecumenical Significance of the Event of the Holy and Great Council of Crete

Elizabeth H. Prodromou

Holy Council Ecumenical Responses: An Orthodox “Snapshot” Reflection in Time

Kyriaki Karidoyanes FitzGerald

The Historical Vicissitudes of Hagia Sophia: From Church to Mosque to Museum, and Back to Mosque

Charles Amjad-Ali


July 2021, Vol. 27.2 (Subscription Access)

Editorial: Religious and Political Contestation in Chinese Contexts

Alexander Chow

Religious Rivalry in the Seventeenth Century: A Buddhist–Christian Case in China

Amy Yu Fu

The Hunan Bible Institute (Biola-in-China): A Stronghold of Fundamentalist Bible Training in China, 1916—1952

Kevin Xiyi Yao

The Scientific Calling of the Church: Herman Bavinck's Exhortation for the Churches in Mainland China

Ximian Xu

Reading Bonhoeffer Amid the Hong Kong Protests

Jason Lam


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