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Mission Hits Journals #6 (Jan-Mar 2022)

Dear friends,

Welcome to Mission Hits Journals #6 (January-March 2022), a quarterly posting linking you to all recent articles from 35 different journals/periodicals related to world mission and world Christianity.

This edition has a 23 journal issues within, containing a remarkable 178 articles. I trust everyone will find something to keep you informed, inspired, and thoroughly up-to-date, so that you don't miss out on anything relevant to your ministry and interests.

Each of the 'Free Access' Journals has a 'Mission Hits Recommends' article...This is, of course, subjective. The suggestions are just friendly guidance for anyone who may appreciate a little direction in choosing what to read.

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Wishing you every blessing as you learn about and live out God's grand mission purposes.

Dr. Chris Howles (UK)

Head of Theology (Uganda Martyrs Seminary, Namugongo), DIS Fuller Theological Seminary

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(1A) Global Missiology

(1B) Global Missiology

(2) Mission Round Table

(3) The Missionary Mobilization Journal

(4) Mission Frontiers

(5A) Quarterly Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association

(5B) Quarterly Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association

(6) Lausanne Global Analysis

(7) ANVIL: A Journal of Theology and Mission

(8) Journal of Language, Culture, and Religion

(9) Journal of African Missiology

(10) Evangelical Missiological Society Journal

(11) Missio Dei Journal


(11) Social Sciences and Missions

(12) Studies in World Christianity

(14A) Evangelical Missions Quarterly

(14B) Evangelical Missions Quarterly

(15) International Bulletin of Mission Research

(16) Mission Studies

(17A) Missiology: An International Review

(17B) Missiology: An International Review

(18) Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies

(19) Great Commission Research Journal


"Kingdom Movements"

Jan 2022, Vol. 19.1 (Free Access)


Rapid Kingdom Advance: How Shall We View It? (Dave Coles)

“Kingdom Movements”: Perceptions, Analyses, and Realities

J. Nelson Jennings

Kingdom Movements among Internal Migrants to Indian Cities

Sunil F. Kolhar

Does the DMM Approach Lead to Movement Breakthrough?

Emanuel Prinz, Alison Goldhor

Healing Miracles, Church Planting Movements, and Population Dynamics

David Lewis

Rapid Kingdom Advance: How Shall We View It?

Dave Coles

The Effective Catalyst: An Analysis of the Traits and Competencies of Pioneers who have Catalyzed a Movement

Emanuel Prinz, Alison Goldhor

Polycentric Leadership for Kingdom Movements (Part I)

Joseph W. Handley, Jr.

Prerequisites for Movements? Questioning Two Widely-Held Assumptions

Emanuel Prinz, Dave Coles


"The Kaleidoscope of Ecclesiology and Missiology"

Apr 2022, Vol. 19.2 (Free Access)


Education, Orality, and the Great Commission (Ezekiel Adewale Ajibade)

The Christian Church(es) and Christian Movement(s)

Ruslan Zagidulin

Education, Orality, and the Great Commission

Ezekiel Adewale Ajibade

The Hazara Minority in Afghanistan: A People Group Case Study

Kerri Bennet, Kimberly Dvorak, Lane Kipp, Jenny McGill, PhD, Ramón Tavárez

Polycentric Leadership for Kingdom Movements (Part II)

Joseph W. Handley, Jr.


"Popular Culture and the Good News"

Sep 2021, Vol. 16.3 (Free Access)


Exploring the Challenges of Partnerships between Foreign Mission Agencies and the Filipino Church (Iljo de Keijzer)

Surprised by Culture: C. S. Lewis and the Redeeming of Popular Culture

Joel C

From Toys to Tools: Reflections on Redeeming Our Screens

Les Taylor​​​​

Popular Culture and the Gospel amongst University Students in Bangkok

Cherlyn Oh

Ready for the New: How Social Upheaval Shaped a People’s Response to the Gospel–A Case Study from Mindanao, Philippines

Wilson McMahon

Seeking God and Growing in Him in My Way: The The Stories of Two Japanese Christians

Winny Leung


Promoting Foster Care in Taiwan

David and Ruth Ullstrom

Exploring the Challenges of Partnerships between Foreign Mission Agencies and the Filipino Church

Iljo de Keijzer

Towards Genuine Partnership

Melba Padilla Maggay

Challenges of Partnerships and Some Guiding Principles

Peter Q

Building Relationships for Fruitful Partnerships

Jaap den Butter


"The Alignment of the Church and Agency"

July 2021, Vol. 1.2 (Free Access)


“The Future of Church and Agency Partnership” (Bradley Bell)

“Churches vs. Agencies: What Posture Will You Take?”

Denny Spitters

“An Emerging Strategy of Missiology in the Local Church: The Shift from Sending to With-ing”

Randy Jumper

“Convergence as Mission Innovation: Keys to Unlocking Synergistic Partnerships”

Sonji Y. Pass

“The Sodalities and the Contemporary Church”

Jocelyn S. Wong

“Selecting a Missions Agency: Your Church’s Search for the Right Sending Partner”

Ellen Livingood

“The Future of Church and Agency Partnership”

Bradley Bell


"The Essential Elements for Catalyzing Movements"

Mar-Apr 2022, Vol. 44.2 (Free Access)


Expect and Train for Persecution (C. Anderson)

The Long Wait is Over

Rick Wood

Catalyzing Reproducing Disciples and Churches

Dr. Curtis Sergeant

Jesus’ 10 Movement Principles

Shodankeh Johnson

Learning Fruitful Practices through Experimentation

Trevor Larsen

Expect and Train for Persecution

C. Anderson

God’s Word Influences Unbelievers

Trevor Larsen

Fruit-Based Ministry, in the King’s Joy

Trevor Larsen

Key Prayer Points for Movements

Shodankeh Johnson

Biblical Mobilization for What?

Ryan Shaw

Mobilization to Strategy: A Personal Journey

Greg Parsons


Jan 2022, Vol. 74 (Free Access)


Corona Pandemic and Migrant Missions (Chong Pae Kim)

Partnerships In Missions

Roland M. Octavianus, Theresya M. Leiwakabessy

Mission Partnerships for Effecting Insider Movements

David S. Lim

Symbiotic Partnership in Native Missionary Training Ministry Between the Paul Missions International and Partner Organizations

Seung Il Lee

Corona Pandemic and Migrant Missions

Chong Pae Kim

Justice That Restores, Justice That Heals

Reynaldo S. Taniajura


Apr 2022, Vol. 75 (Free Access)


From The Need for Blood to The Need for Vulnerable Mission: Reaching Tribal People

(Jim Harries)

The Sta in Islamic Studies and Ministries

Caleb Chul Soo Kim

Living Life Together – Tribal Evangelism/Discipleship in Canada

Clifford Reynolds

From The Need for Blood to The Need for Vulnerable Mission: Reaching Tribal People

Jim Harries

Myths That Prepare the Heart of The Tribal People for The Gospel

Peter D. Bangcong

Multiplying Mission Mobilization Movements

Ryan Shaw


Mar 2022, Vol. 11.2 (Free Access)


The Projectisation of Missions (Kirst Rievan)

The Projectisation of Missions

Kirst Rievan

Becoming ‘Christ’s Cell’ for Migrants

Nestor Abdon

Multiplying Disciples in the ‘Graveyard of Missions’

Victor John & Dave Coles

The Dilemma of Personal Salvation in Collective Cultures

I’Ching Thomas


"Mission and Disability"

Mar 2022, Vol. 38.1 (Free Access)


A Man with a Mission: Mark 1:40-45 and “Mission With” Disabled People

(Naomi Lawson Jacobs)

A Man with a Mission: Mark 1:40-45 and “Mission With” Disabled People

Naomi Lawson Jacobs

Theology at the Borders of Psychosis

Rachel Noel & Fiona Macmillan

Mission with Children and Young People with Additional Needs and Their Families

Mark Arnold

The Golden Light of God’s Kintsugi: Mission and Mental Health

Bill Braviner

Mission, and Dispelling the Disability/Tragedy Narrative

Kay Morgan-Gurr

Mission and Disabled People

Tim Rourke

Mission, Disability and Creativity

Emma Major


Spring 2022, Vol. 3.1 (Free Access)


Poverty and Economic Justice in Second Corinthians (John W. Taylor)

Theology in Translation

Chao-Chun Liu

God’s Scheme: Exploring the Meaning of “Jesus, I Will Take Your Soul Back” in Al-Imran (3):55

Al Harrison

The Church’s Presentation of Christology in Islamic Contexts: An Historical Review

Petras Bahadur

Does James “Show Thee Christ?”: A Comparison of the Content and Communication Styles of Jesus and Matthew (Matthew 7:7–27 vs. James 1:2–27)

Aída Besançon Spencer

Poverty and Economic Justice in Second Corinthians

John W. Taylor


"African Christianity and Pandemics"

Vol.6.1, Dec 2021 (Free Access)


Religious and Theological Responses to the Phenomenon of Pandemics in Nigeria

(Ruth M. Oyeniyi)

African Pentecostal Church Life in the Post-COVID-19 Era: Analysis and Proposals

Justice Anquandah Arthur

Religious and Theological Responses to the Phenomenon of Pandemics in Nigeria

Ruth M. Oyeniyi

Missionary Bible Transliterations Complicating Selection of Funeral Songs and Readings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Edmore Dube

Perceptions and Reactions of Rwandan Christians To COVID-19: A Case Study of Muhanga District

Françoise Niyonsaba

The Impact of 1918 Influenza and COVID-19 on Christianity in Nigeria and the Response of Christians

Moses Iliya Ogidis and Akarama Dan Jr

African Congregations Adapting to COVID-19: Conversations with African Christian nurses in Britain

Harvey C. Kwiyani and Paul Ayokunle


2022, Vol. 2.1 (Free Access)


Communicating the Gospel: How Much Knowledge of Jesus Is Enough Knowledge for Salvation? (Larry W. Caldwell)

Proclaiming Mercy, Practicing Salvation: St.Basil’s Practical Theology of Evangelism and Social Action

Jerry M. Ireland

Missional Creativity: Communicating God’s Mission through the Creative Process

Eric Robinson

Communicating the Gospel: How Much Knowledge of Jesus Is Enough Knowledge for Salvation?

Larry W. Caldwell

Contextualizing the Prosperity Gospel in Germany: A Theological Assessment

Frank Liesen

How Evangelical Churches in the Chicago Metro Area are Engaging Muslim Communities

Mike Urton

Reflections on the State of Church Planting in the US

Michael T. Cooper

When Technology Does More Bad than Good: Technostress in Missionary Contexts

David D. Dunaetz


"Theological Education in the World Church"

Fall 2021, Vol. 12.2 (Free Access)


Theological Partnerships (J. Daniel Salinas)

The Horizon of Theological Education

Greg McKinzie

Andrew F. Walls: Apostle of World Christianity

Joshua Robert Barron

Plenty for Supply (2 Cor 8:12-15): Theological Higher Education and The Majority World

S. Twumasi-Ankrah

Theological Partnerships

J. Daniel Salinas

Online Theological Higher Education: Reflections on Past Practices for Future Endeavors

Melinda (Mindi) Thompson

Plenty for Supply (2 Cor 8:12-15): Theological Higher Education and The Majority World

C. Leonard Allen

The Missional Calling Paradox

Matthew Nance


Apr 2022, Vol. 35.1-2 (Subscription Access)

Mission and Migration in the Formation of an Arab Middle Class: The ‘Ūdah Family of Ramallah (1869–1947)

Julian Cole Phillips

Missionary Self-Transformations in the Cross-Cultural Mission: Reflections on the Persuasion Strategies of German Protestant Missionaries

Maik Arnold

Reconnaître et intégrer les Antillais catholiques en Île-de-France L’ aumônerie Antilles-Guyane et les ambivalences de l’ Église

Gwendoline Malogne-Fer

Nation, Damned Nation and Statistics: The Summer Institute of Linguistics’ Missionaries and Ethno-metrics in Vietnam and Beyond

Jérémy Jammes

Church Talks on Peace Talks: The United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) and the Duterte Presidency

Junesse d.R. Crisostomo-Pilario

Impacts of Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Individuals’ Attitudes toward Immigrants

Hui-Tzu Grace Chou and Alisse Shiles


"Oral, Print and Digital Cultures"

Mar 2022, Vol. 28.1 (Subscription Access)

Editorial: Oral, Print and Digital Cultures

Alexander Chow

From the Amphitheatre to Twitter: Cultivating Secondary Orality in Dialogue with Female Preachers

Frida Mannerfelt

Singing a New Song: Christian Musical Literature for Chinese Women in the Republican Era

Yun Zhou

Performing Heritage, Theology and ‘Land’ in the Lujam Songs of the Rongmei Nagas of North-east India

Rathiulung Elias KC

Changing Metaphors in African Theologies: Influences from Digital Cultures

Christian Tsekpoe

Rethinking African Theology in Light of Emerging Digital Culture

Agana-Nsiire Agana

Jesus Films for World Evangelisation: Dubbing Dissonance and Bible Transmediation

Johannes Merz

In Memoriam: Professor Andrew Finlay Walls OBE (1928–2021)

Emma Wild-Wood


Jan 2022, Vol. 58.1 (Subscription Access)

Time to Pass the Journal’s Leadership Baton

Marvin J. Newell

The Missionary Call: A Secret Code?

A. Matthews

The Use of Spiritual Disciplines by Cross-Cultural Workers in Nurturing Their Relationship with God

Karen Davison

What Refugees Taught a Pastor and His Church

Ed Grudier

Multicultural Realities: A Call to Diversify the ‘Unity’ of the Church

Simone Mulieri Twibell

Orality as Contextualization in South Asia

Timothy Hatcher

Jesus as the Good Camel Herder: The Somali Nomads as the Final Frontier

Aweis A. Ali

Counting the Cost of Indigenous Missionary Needs in South Asia: A Statistical Approach

Abhijit Nayak

An Evaluation of Patron-Client Relationships in Australia Indigenous Cultures

Joshua Mackenzie

The Church, the Call to Mission and the Jewish People

Geoffrey Butler

The God of Our Fathers? Questioning Volf’s Muslim-Jewish Parallel

J. David Willoughby

How to Measure Ministry Impact

Paul T. Penley

Silence, by Shūsako Endō: Reappraising its Relevance in Global Missions Today

Jordan K. Monson


"Member care"

April 2022, Vol. 58.2 (Subscription Access)

Towards a Whole-Bible Theological Framework for Staff Care and Wellbeing

Rosie Button

The Local Church is the Foundation of Member Care

Jeremy and Anastasia Thomas with Mary Tindall

Beyond ‘Paying and Praying:’ Engaging the Church in Member Care

Rene Rossouw

Growing Your Church’s Capacity for Meaningful Member Care

Ivan Liew

Oikos Care: Caring for Our Missionaries by Caring Through Our Missionaries

Pam Arlund, Mary Ho, and Peggy Spiers

Best Practices for Church-Based Missionary Care

Lori Rogers and David Wilson

Building Team Love

Michel Hendricks

Supporting Today’s Global Workers Toward Missional Resilience

Geoff Whiteman and Kristina Whiteman

How to Make a Successful Missionary

Curtis McGown

Do Your Members Really Want to Work for You?

Wendi Dykes McGehee

Fostering Sexual Wholeness: Breaking Silence to Defeat Shame

Dennis Martin

Building and Leading Culturally Diverse Teams

Galen Burkholder and Tefera Bekere

Towards Contextualization of Member Care

Sampson Dorkunor

Member Care from an Asian Perspective

Belinda Ng

Missionary Care from a Latin American Perspective

Paulo Feniman

From Ministry Call to Home Call: The State of Member Care in India

Isac Soundararaja

Safe Harbor: The Role of Hospitality in Member Care

Celeste Allen

Missionary Conflict: Destructive or Constructive?

David R. Dunaetz

Spiritual Miscarriage: The Death of a Vision

Brenda Bosch

A Guide for Member Care Engagement

Harry Hoffman


Apr 2022, Vol. 46.2 (Subscription Access)

Jesus’s Invitation to Participate in His Life-Giving Mission

Thomas John Hastings

Introductory Essay: African Theological Advance

Tite Tiénou

Religion and Values in Contemporary Africa: Christian Interpretations of Vice/Virtue Discourses in Ghana

J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Vivian Dzokoto, Annabella Osei Tutu,

Abraham Kenin, and Amanda Stahl

Reconciliation in Complex Spaces: Christian-Cultural Approaches to Reconciliation in Post-conflict Northern Uganda

Elias O. Opongo

Ethiopian Qene (Traditional and Living Oral Poetry) as a Medium for Biblical Hermeneutics

Daniel Assefa and Tekletsadik Belachew

The Adaptability of the Catholic Church’s Amani Mashinani Model in Kenya’s North Rift Conflicts

Susan Mbula Kilonzo and Kennedy Onkware

Born Free? South African Young Adults, Inequality, and Reconciliation in Stellenbosch

Nadine Bowers Du Toit, Dion Forster, Elisabet le Roux, and Shantelle Weber

Urban Africa 2050: Imagining Theological Education/Formation for Flourishing African Cities

Stephan de Beer

Exploring Integrative Ministerial Education in African Theological Institutions

Marilyn Naidoo

BJP and Donyi-Polo: New Challenges to Christianity in Arunachal Pradesh and Northeast India

Dyron B. Daughrity

Migration and the Making of Global Christianity

Daniel Jeyaraj

Kwame Bediako Makes an Offer

Joel Carpenter

Questions of Context: Reading a Century of German Mission Theology

Terry C. Muck

The Global Flourishing Study: A New Era for the Study of Well-Being

Byron R. Johnson and Tyler J. VanderWeele


Feb 2022, Vol. 39.1 (Subscription Access)

Emphasizing Fish, Fisher, and Sea for the Mission of Christian Churches in the Context of the Marine Ecological Crisis: A Response to the Ten Commandments of Food

Elia Maggang

Transforming Lord’s Supper: Indonesian Protestant Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Rachel Iwamony

Herman and Johan Herman Bavinck on the Uniqueness of Christian Theism

Nathan D. Shannon

Contextualization and the ‘Death and Resurrection’ Pattern

E.J. David Kramer

The Pedagogy of Evangelism: Moving from a Didactic to a Conversational Model of Evangelism

James Butler


Jan 2022, Vol. 50.1 (Subscription Access)

Hybridity And Christian Identity

Arun W. Jones

“So Many of Our Destinies Are Tied Beyond Our Understanding:” Rethinking Religious Hybridity in Latinx/O/A Contexts

Jacqueline M. Hidalgo

George Liele: Liberated Slave and African American Baptist Missionary to Jamaica

Noel Leo Erskine

My Father Was a Wandering Aramean: Toward A Missiological Understanding of Hybridity in The Abrahamic Narrative

Sarita Gallagher Edwards

Using Cultural Hybridity as An Analytic Lens for Missiological Research

Peter T. Lee

Talking About Cultural Differences in An Age of Globalization and Hybridization: Between Obelix and Stephen Colbert

Craig Ott

The Role of Bicultural People in The Missio Dei: Creating A Model from Bicultural Bible Characters

Hannah Rasmussen

Conversion, Apostasy, Or Hybridity? The Terrible, Troubled, Transformative Experience of Paul as Exemplar for Missiology in An Age of Multiplicity

Amanda Avila Kaminski


Apr 2022, Vol. 50.2 (Subscription Access)

Missiological Research: Making Impact or Missing the Mark?

Hae-Won Kim

Mission And Principalities and Powers Reconsidered

Charles J. Fensham

The Universal Particularism of Panta Ta Ethne: A Biblical Case for The Continued Viability of The People Group Concept in Mission

David Earl Datema

Identity: The Ongoing Integration of Our Heritage and Our Allegiance

Moyra Dale

The Way Worship Works in Mission: Proposing an Alternative to The Standard Account

David E Fitch

Rethinking The Use of Disruptive Pop-Up Encounters for Transformation: A Missional Reading of Acts 8:26–40

Thinandavha Derrick Mashau

How Successful Is Davison and Milbank’s Critique of The Fresh Expressions Movement in Their Book for The Parish (2010)?

Tim Gough


"European Missions and Middle Eastern Churches"

Jan 2022, Vol. 39.1 (Subscription Access)

Protestantism, the Middle East and Europe: A Hundred Years of Action Chrétienne en Orient

Heleen Murre-van den Berg

Foreign Missionary Activity Prior to and During the Armenian Genocide

Paul Ara Haidostian

The Unshakable Kingdom: The Life and Ministry of Paul Berron (1887–1970)

Thomas Wild

Between Nationalism, Internationalism and Colonial Quadrillage: The Action Chrétienne en Orient in Mandatory Syria (1922–1946)

Philippe Bourmaud

ACO Women in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century: Transitions and Persisting Patterns

Rima Nasrallah

The Action Chrétienne en Orient: From Missionary Society to Fellowship of Churches

Wilbert van Saane


"Social Media Evangelism"

Spring 2022 , Vol. 14.1 (Subscription Access)

Writing Literature Reviews in Church-Based Research

David R. Dunaetz

Social Media as a Tool for Evangelism Among Youth and Young Adults

Trisney J. Bocala-Wiedemann

An Examination of Three Models of Missional Communities for Sharing the Gospel with Muslims in the United States

Mike Urton

The Continuity Mindset for Christian Mission

Jack T. Davison

The Sinner’s Prayer: An Inappropriate Ritual for Thai Christian Culture and a Suggested Replacement

Kelly M. Hilderbrand


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