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Mission Hits Journals #2 (Jan-Mar 2021)

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Welcome to Mission Hits Journals #2 (Jan-Mar 2021), a quarterly post linking you to all recent articles from this list of 31 different journals/periodicals related to world mission and world Christianity. I pray that it will keep you informed, inspired, and thoroughly up-to-date with contemporary missiological trends and ideas so that don't miss out on anything relevant to you and your area of interest.

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(1) Studies in World Christianity

(2) Journal of the Evangelical Missiological Society

(3) Mission Frontiers (2 editions)

(4) Journal of Urban Mission

(5) The Missionary Mobilization Journal

(6) Lausanne Global Analysis (2 editions)

(7) Mission Round Table

(8) ANVIL: A journal of Theology and Mission

(9) Global Missiology

(10) Glocal Conversations

(11) Missionalia

(12) Quarterly Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association


(13) Evangelical Missions Quarterly

(14) International Bulletin of Mission Research (2 editions)

(15) Missiology: An International Review

(16) Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies

(17) Exchange: Journal of Contemporary Christianities in Context

(18) Ecclesial Futures

(1) Studies in World Christianity

"COVID-19 and the Socially-Present World Church"

March 2021, Vol. 27.1

(Free access)

Editorial: COVID-19 and the Socially-Present World Church

Alexander Chow, Emma Wild-Wood and Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu

COVID-19 and the Chinese Christian Community in Britain: Changing Patterns of Belonging and Division

Yinxuan Huang, Kristin Aune and Mathew Guest

The End Has (Not Yet) Come: The 1918 Spanish Flu and the COVID-19 Pandemic in a Brazilian Seventh-day Adventist Bulletin

Allan Novaes

‘It is the antichrist. Can't you see?’ Perceptions of COVID-19 among Nigeria's Christians and the Religion—Health Debate

Emmanuel Chiwetalu Ossai

The Public Role of Churches in Early Responses to COVID-19 in Africa: Snapshots from Nigeria, Congo, Kenya and South Africa

Emma Wild-Wood, Liz Grant, Babatunde Adedibu, Alan Barnard, Aloys Ojore and Yossa Way

(2) Journal of the Evangelical Missiological Society

"Short-Term Mission: New Trends and Research"

Jan 2021, Vol. 1.1

(Free access)

“Short Time, or Long:” Best Practices to Turn Short-Term Missions into Long-Term Partnerships

Danny Hunter

Long-term Impact through Short-term Missions: Key Components for Meaningful and Effective Cross-cultural Partnerships

Dennis Horton

Building a Biblical Foundation for Evangelism among Justice-Oriented Gen Z

Jennifer L. Collins

Diaspora Missiology and Mid-Term Missions: An Action Plan

Don Johnson

Humanitarian Tours as Short-Term Mission

Jeanne Wu

(3A) Mission Frontiers

"Home Grown Movements"

Jan/Feb 2021, Vol. 43.1

(Free access)

Movements Can Happen Here Too, If We Are Willing to Work for Them

Rick Wood

Can Kingdom Movement Strategies Work in North America?

Curtis Sergeant, Doug Lucas and David Garrison

Kingdom Movement Strategies in a Small/Medium-Sized Church Led by the Pastor

Doug Lucas with Tim Ahlen and Bryan King

Kingdom Movement Strategies in North American Megachurches

Doug Lucas with Chris Galanos and Bryan King

Kingdom Movement Strategies in North American Jails and Prisons

Doug Lucas with Chris Galanos, “Jed” and other anonymous workers

DMM Strategies in Non-Traditional Contexts

Doug Lucas with Mark Aspinwall, Bryan King, Zach Medlock, Jeff Timblin, and Lee Wood

North American Kingdom Movement Strategies Apart From a Local Church

Doug Lucas with Nathan Venton

Toward the Edges

Kevin Higgins

Bringing the Gospel to an Entire Country in Two Weeks

Derek Seipp

24:14 Coalition Update

Chuck Baker

Becoming the Kind of Person God Can Use to Launch Movements—Part 1

C. Anderson

Addressing a Blind Spot in Missions

Rick Leatherwood

Why Rapid Growth Declines as Movements Grow in Size

Justin Long

Tribute to Lee Purgason

Greg Parsons

(3B) Mission Frontiers

"Insider Movements"

Mar/Apr 2021, Vol. 43.2

(Free access)

What’s in Your Box?

Rick Wood

“Insider” Movements

Kevin Higgins

“Insider” Movements: Should We Still Be Talking About Them? Yes and No

Kevin Higgins

“Insider” Movements: How Do You Know if You Have One?

Kevin Higgins

“Insider” Movements: The Role of Being an Alongsider

Kevin Higgins

“Insider” Movements: How Do They Keep “Right”?

Kevin Higgins

“Insider” Movements: Where Does This End Up?

Kevin Higgins

“Insider” Movements: Common Concerns

Kevin Higgins

The Next Evolution Of Movement - Catalyst Phased Equipping

Chris McBride

Becoming the Kind of Person God Can Use to Launch Movements— Part 2

C. Anderson

The Motus Dei Network: Fostering Communal Intelligence on Movements

Warrick Farah

The Kingdom Is Continually Breaking Free of Christendom

Rebecca Lewis

All Things Are Yours

H. L. Richard

(4) Journal of Urban Mission

Dec 2020, Vol. 6.2

(Free access)

Global Shifts & Practical Implications for Mission

Jared Looney

Reflections on Parenting and Teaching in the City

Joyce Crosscombe

(5) The Missionary Mobilization Journal

Jan 2021, Vol. 1.1

(Free access)

Intentional Education for Missionary Mobilization

David and Lorene Wilson

How to Engage and Educate Generation Z for Missions Mobilization

Dr. Jolene Erlacher

Education: An Excerpt from Mission in Motion

Jay Matenga and Malcolm Gold

The Value of Higher Education for Mobilizers

Dr. Paul Alexander

(6A) Lausanne Global Analysis

Jan 202, Vol. 10.1

(Free access)

Uncovering Discrimination in Missions: Toward a ‘third culture’ of oneness in Christ

Kirst Rievan

Pentecostalism in African Christianity: The formation and scope of a distinctive spirituality

Daewon Moon

Building Hope and Resilience in the COVID-19 Storm: Lament, communities of care, and the new normal

Gladys Mwiti

Faith, Health, and Collaborative Love: Pandemic partnership for health professionals and the church

Ted Lankester

(6B) Lausanne Global Analysis

Mar 2021, Vol. 10.2

(Free access)

Is Christianity Shrinking or Shifting?

Gina A. Zurlo & Todd M. Johnson

Reaching Generation Z with the Gospel

Steve Sang-Cheol Moon

Racism and the Great Commission

CJ Davison & Richard Coleman

The Holy Responsibility of Journalism

Jenny James Taylor

A Workplace for Mephibosheth

Dave Deuel

(7) Mission Round Table

"The life-changing Confession that Jesus is Christ"

Sep-Dec 2020, Vol. 15.3

(Free access)

The Case for Multi-Ethnic Churches in Multi-Cultural Myanmar

Arend van Dorp

Mission to the Shan in Burma (Myanmar) — Lessons We can Learn from the Historical Work

Shona Goodman

An Exploration into the Spatial Impact Of Spirituality Within Khmer Dwellings

Paul D.C Robinson

Racism, Mission, and Me: Some Personal Reflections

Dave Andrews

The Language Of Lament in Reconciliation and the Global Church


Peter's Declaration "You are the Christ"

Richard Schlitt

(8) ANVIL: A Journal of Theology and Mission

"Mission and the arts: reflections from practitioners"

Feb 2021, Vol. 37.1

(Free access)

The Empty Pool: Persistent Presence

Ian Adams

Artists in Times of Challenge and Collapse

David Benjamin Blower

It's a New Day: Reflections from a Practical Theologian and Artist in Lockdown

Chris Duffett

The Art of Anger

Rachel Griffiths

The Doors that the Arts Open

Shannon Hopkins

The Televisual Art and Theology of Online Worship

Martin Poole

(9) Global Missiology

"Missiology as Leaven"

Jan 2021, Vol. 18.1

(Free access)

Missiology as Leaven

J. Nelson Jennings

“The Trinity Is Not Our Social Program” and the Social Arian Temptation: Recovering from Mortifying Spin – Contextualization Gone Awry 4 (Christology) (Part II)

Mark R. Kreitzer

Globalization and the Language of Worship: Is the Spread of English a Boon or a Bane?

Marcus Dean

When ‘Go’ Becomes ‘Stay’, One Is Left to Ask, ‘Where Do We ‘Go’ from Here?’ Viewing the ‘Go’ of the Great Commission as a Command to Contextualize the Gospel to the Nations!

Joey R. Peyton

Inquire, Introspect, Involve: The Inquiry 2020 and Christian Missions in India

J. N. Manokaran

A Relational Aid to Multicultural Fields: Cultural Metacognition

Fred Lewis

An Investigation of the Social Identity of Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) in Bangladesh in Light of the Set Theory, Critical Contextualization, and Self-Theologizing Teachings of Paul Hiebert (Part II)

Peter Kwang-Hee Yun

God’s Plan for the Fullness of Time: Overhauling Ralph Winter’s “Ten Epochs” and “Three Eras” Models (Part I)

J. Nelson Jennings

(10) Glocal Conversations

Dec 2020, Vol. 8.1

(Free access)

Hans Nielsen Hauge and Soren Kierkegaard: Activists for Christian Awakening and Social Change

William J. Brown & Asbjorn Simonnes

Rhythms of Spiritual Praxis as Discipleship from Karma to Atonement among Believers from a Tibetan Buddhist Background

Jessica McFalls

Indentured Labourers from India to Mauritius: A Christian Perspective (1834 – 1920)

Kosam Ramroop

(11) Missionalia

2020, Vol. 48.2

(Free access)

Mending the broken city of Pietermaritzburg through a transformative urban theological programme: A challenge to Union Bible Institute

Xolani Abednigo Nkosi

Cultivating the “good city”: The theological engagement of the Institute for Urban Ministry within the City of Tshwane

Michael Ribbens

Decolonising theological education in urban spaces: A reflection on the “Abantu Book Festival”

Sandiswa Lerato Kobe

Imagining Enugu as classroom for theological education in SIST: A trans-disciplinary approach.

Jude Chinaka Nnorom

Imagining Theological Education for ACCRA as a Globalising African City

David Nii Anum Kpobi

(12) Quarterly Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association

Jan 2021, Vol. 70

(Free access)

Missions in a suffering world

Timothy K. Park

Missions, opposition and perscution, during the global covid-19 pandemic

Marvin Newell