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Mission Hits - Journals #1 (Oct-Dec '20)

Welcome to 'Mission Hits - Journals', a quarterly blog collating together missiology-related journals from the previous 3 months.

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CONTENTS (click each journal to see list of articles within)


Studies in World Christianity (Nov 2020, Vol. 26.3)

Global Missiology (2020, Vol. 5 No. 17)

Mission Frontiers (Nov/Dec 2020, Vol. 42.6)

Lausanne Global Analysis (Nov 2020, Vol. 9.6)


Evangelical Missions Quarterly (Oct – Dec 2020, Vol. 56.4)

International Review of Mission (Nov 2020, Vol. 109.2)

Journal of World Christianity (Nov 2020, Vol. 10.2)

Mission Studies (Dec 2020, Vol. 37.3)


Nov 2020, Vol. 26.3

Free access

Editorial: The COVID-19 Pandemic and World Christianity

Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Alexander Chow and Emma Wild-Wood

Faith Tabernacle Congregation, the 1918–19 Influenza Pandemic and Classical Pentecostalism in Colonial West Africa

Adam Mohr

Compliant Singaporean Christians? State-Centred Christian Responses to COVID-19 in a Single-Party Dominant State

Joshua Dao Wei Sim

The Church as a Sacrament in a Time of Pandemic: The Philippine Experience

Rhoderick John Suarez Abellanosa

Longing for Home: The Impact of COVID-19 on Cambodian Evangelical Life

Briana Wong

Two or Three Gathered Online: Asian and European Responses to COVID-19 and the Digital Church

Alexander Chow and Jonas Kurlberg



"Socio-Political Disruptions and Missions Praxis"

2020, Vol. 5.17

Free access

Disruption of Cross-cultural Mission: A Call to Lean into the Liminality

Wanjiru M. Gitau

The Refugee Crisis and Foreign Involvement: The Case of CFCI in Costa Rica

Jenny McGill

Four Decades, Four Narratives: Political Disruption and Contemporary Mission Discourse on China

Brent Fulton

When the Cross Is about to be Wrapped in the Red Flag, How Should Churches under the Hong Kong National Security Law Resist?

Editorial Team

Urbanisation, Change and Christian Mission in the Indian Context: A Study of the Changes in the Educated Middle-Class Hindus

Sunil F. Kolhar

Crisis as Kairos: Our Samaria Right Next Door? Acting on Crisis to Minister to Our Native Neighbors

Dave Beine

“The Trinity Is Not Our Social Program” and the Social Arian Temptation: Recovering from Mortifying Spin – Contextualization Gone Awry 4 (Christology) (Part I)

Mark R. Kreitzer


Fall 2020, Vol. 7.1

Free access

The Contemplating Edition: How are Pentecost and Missions Linked Together?

Jeffery Nelson, Editor

Together in One Mission: Pentecostal Cooperation in Future Mission

Grant McClung

Charles F. Parham, Indefatigable Toil and Launching the World-wide Pentecostal Movement: A New Look at a Forgotten Leader

Jeffery Nelson

Theology of the Call: Precis from Acts 26:16-20

Nadine Sandoz

The Apostolic Priority: Why Long-term Culture – and Language-competent Workers Doing Church Planting Among the Unreached is Still Our Highest Missions Priority

Alan R. Johnson

Jabulani Africa! – Joy in the Church in Africa

Uchenna D. Anyanwu

Globalizing Pentecost in Africa: How Can We Proactively Emphasize Pentecost and Missions in Africa and Beyond?

Denzil R. Miller


"Human Trafficking: The Church Should Stop Supporting It"

Nov-Dec 2020, Vol. 42.6

Free access

Editorial: Jesus Asked Us to Rescue the Perishing and Set the Captives Free

Rick Wood

Sweden’s Secret Weapon

Paul Strand

What Is Human Trafficking?

Swedish Model as an Example to Prevent Human Trafficking

ABbilgi Merkezi

10 Trafficked At 18 Into the LA Porn Industry


The Global Slave Trade: A Cause for Our Time

International Justice Mission

Toward the Edges

Kevin Higgins

Let’s Put An End to Sex Trafficking

Disturbing the Inner Workings

of Indigenous Movements

Jean Johnson

15 Mind-Blowing Statistics About

Pornography and the Church

24:14 Coalition Update

Justin Long

The Porn Industry is Modern-Day Slavery

Luke Gibbons

The Future of Frontier Missions: World Christian Encyclopedia 3rd edition

Todd Johnson

Tribute to David J. Cho

Greg Parsons


Nov. 2020, Vol. 9.6

Free access

Kingdom Opportunities for Bridging COVID-19 Disparities

Stephen Ko, Paul Hudson, & Jennifer Jao

Building a Moveable Pulpit for Mental Health

Hebert Palomino O.

Kashmir on The Cusp of a New Dawn

Jacob Daniel

The World’s Least Reached Are on Our Streets

Charles Rijnhart

Keys to Contextualized Church Planting in Thailand

D.J. Oden


"Honor and Shame"

2020, Vol. 11

Free access

An Honor-Bearing Gospel for Shame-Fueled Crises

Werner Mischke

"Romans 8 and the Conception of Chinese Shame and Guilt"

Yi-Sang Patrick Chan

Figuring the Disfigured in Zhuangzi and the Gospel of Mark: A Comparative Analysis

Travis Allyn Myers

'Old Man' as Cipher: Humor and Honor-Shame Rhetoric for Reading Philemon in Mozambique

Alan B. Howel

Face and the Loss of Reputation in the Korean Protestant Church

Shin-Ho Choi and Michael A. Rynkiewich

From One Honor-Shame Culture to Another: A Proposal for Training Chinese Missionaries to Serve in Muslim Contexts

Jackson Wu

Honor and Shame in Ruth

Anthony J. Gryskiewicz

How Glory Veiled the Honor of God (2 Corinthians 2:1-4:6)

Evertt Huffard

Missionaries and Shame

Harriet Hill

Everyday Life Case Studies of Honor-Shame Dynamics with the People of Huancayo, Peru

Jeremy Davis

Honor and Shame among the Sankaran in Guinea: A Case Study

Sherry Fariss


"People Group Missiology"

Oct-Dec 2020, Vol. 56.4

Subscription access

Rethinking People Group Missiology


A Biblical Understanding of People Groups

Steve Hawthorne

The People Group Approach: A Historical Perspective

David E. Datema and Leonard N. Bartlotti

Foundations of Frontier Missiology: Core Understandings and Interrelated Concepts

Alan R. Johnson

Run with the Vision: The Impact of the Unreached People Groups Concept on Students, Churches and Sending Agencies

Greg Parsons

Notes from the Field: Voices of Pioneer Workers on the Challenge of “People Groups”

Various Authors

Fog in the Pews: Factors Behind the Fading Vision for Unreached Peoples

RW Lewis

Globalization, Urbanization, Migration, and Rethinking the People Groups Concept

Minh Ha Nguyen

Ferment in the Church: Missions in the 4th Era

Alan McMahan

The Making of Lists

Dan Scribner

A Church for Every People: A Retrospect on Mapping Peoples

Brad Gill

Reimagining & Re-envisioning People Groups

Leonard N. Bartlotti


Oct 2020, Vol 44.4

Subscription access

Christian Faith, Modern Science, and God’s Mission

Thomas John Hastings

A Theology of Interreligious Relations

Terry C. Muck

The Challenge of Teaching Mission in an Increasingly Mobile and Complex World

Michael A. Rynkiewich

Social Activism amid Multiple Identities: Christians in Hong Kong

Jenny McGill, Kim Kuen Ip, Jeffrey Chiu, Timotheus Mui

Dr. Thomas A. Lambie: Missionary-Entrepreneur in Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, Abyssinia, and Palestine

E. Paul Balisky

Iron Sharpens Iron: Lessons Learned from a Songwriting Workshop in Mozambique

Antoinette Hansen, Megan Meyers

My Pilgrimage in Mission

Robert L. Montgomery


Oct 2020, Vol. 48.4

Subscription access

Missional spirituality at home: Families and the life of the kingdom

Ed Mackenzie

What led Thai-Buddhist background-believers to become Christian? A grounded-theory study

Kelly Michael Hilderbrand

Contributions, challenges, and emerging patterns of short-term missions

Simone Mulieri Twibell

John Eliot, John Veniaminov, and engagement with the indigenous peoples of North America: A comparative missiology, part I

Joseph William Black

Globalization, contextualization, and indigeneity: Local approaches to indigenous Christianity

Ron Barber

Concerning ecclesiology: Four barriers preventing insider movement contextualization from producing biblical churches

Matthew Bennett

Insights from sociolinguistics and translation studies for maintaining bilingualism

in the home

Anya Ezhevskaya


Oct 2020, Vol. 37.4

Subscription access

Covid-19, Trends in Global Mission, and Participation in Faithful Witness

Paul Bendor-Samuel

COVID-19 Shows the Need to Make Church More Flexible

Jerry Pillay

Faith in Internationalism: Covid-19 and the International Order

Kenneth R. Ross

COVID-19, the Church, and the Challenge to Ecumenism

Jean-Daniel Plüss

Virtual Reality Church as a New Mission Frontier in the Metaverse: Exploring Theological Controversies and Missional Potential of Virtual Reality Church

Guichun Jun

Practice of Faith under COVID-19: Exceptional Cases

David Emmanuel Singh


"Christ's Love as Reconciling Mission"

Nov 2020, Vol. 109.2

Subscription access

Reconciliation as Expression of Christ's Love: Reflections on the Next WCC Assembly Theme

Michael Biehl

Reconciliation and Mission

Tormod Engelsviken

Mission and Reconciliation in the Orthodox Church: From Busan (2013) to Karlsruhe (2022)

Petros Vassiliadis

Christian Mission and Indigenous Peoples of Indo‐Myanmar: A Continuing Project of Reconciliation

Atola Longkumer

Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Life and Work of Desmond Tutu

Tinyiko Maluleke

The African Palaver Reconciliation Model and Mission

Francis Anekwe Oborji

Mission and Reconciliation: Missio‐African Approaches

Lesmore Gibson Ezekiel

Christ's Love as the Basis of the Church's Faith Witness to Muslims

Henning Wrogemann

Mission for/as Reconciliatory Emancipation: Re‐visiting Bishop Masilamani Azariah's Theology of Mission

Joshua Samuel

Missional Resistance: The Man in the High Castle's Hope for an Alternate Reality

Stephen Parker

A Scottish Millennial Mission to Jews: The Conversion, Work, Theological views, and Hungarian Connections of Adolph Saphir (1831–91)

Ábrahám Kovács

Charles F. Mackenzie and Early Colonial Racism: Renewing a Call for Mission as Liberating Action

Peter Carleton Houston

Principles of Discipleship and Church Growth from Acts 2:46‐47

Yiner Josue Huaycani Cotrado


Nov 2020, Vol. 49.3-4

Subscription access

Christian Communities in the Contemporary Middle East: An Introduction

Deanna Ferree Womack

Islamic Law, Unitary State Law, and Communal Law: Divorce and Remarriage in Egypt’s Coptic Community

Rachel M. Scott

At the Borders of Identity: Reflections on Egyptian Protestant Public Theology in the Wake of the Arab Spring

Rebecca Skreslet Hernandez

The Revival of Palestinian Christianity Developments in Palestinian Theology

Elizabeth S. Marteijn

Christian Agency and Lutheran Personal Status Laws in Palestine

Tala Raheb

Navigating the Biblical Mandate: Discursive Change and Adaptation in the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem

Aron Engberg

Gazan Christians: Pilgrimage Permits, Migration, and the Exchange of Precarity

Kenny Schmitt

Why Church Leaders Discourage Christians from Leaving Jordan: An Anti-Emigration Perspective

Lucy Schouten

Oriental Orthodox Young Adults and Liturgical Participation: A Matter of Identity

Rima Nasrallah and Ronelle Sonnenberg

From the Margins of the Colophon: Arab Orthodox Monasticism in Ruins

Aaron Frederick Eldridge


"The COVID-19 Pandemic and World Christianity"

Nov 2020, Vol. 10.2

Subscription access

Holy Dilemma: Engaging Prayer and Power in African Pentecostalism

Akintunde E. Akinade

“Selling God”: Contemporary Ghanaian Pentecostal Christianity in the Marketplace

Francis Benyah

Conflict and Issues of Identity: Tales of Anglican Converts in Ukwuaniland, 1841–1941

Jones Ugochukwu Odili

Religion and Development: The Malagasy Lutheran Church as Development Actor - A Case Study of the Bara People of Madagascar

Marianne Skjortnes


"Locating European Mission in a Wounded World"

Dec 2020, Vol. 37.3

Subscription access

Special IAMS Europe Issue Locating European Missions in a Wounded World

Norbert Hintersteiner and Christian Tauchner

Locating European Mission in a Wounded World in Deep Transformation

Robert Schreiter

Wounded Words in a Wounded World: Opportunities for Mission in Central and Eastern Europe Today

András Máté-Tóth

Salvation in a Wounded World. Towards a Spectral Theology of Mission

Judith Gruber

Vulner-ability: A Systematic Theological Approach to an Ambivalent Term

Miriam Leidinger

Religious Parental Transmission and the Importance of Authenticity

Ida Marie Høeg

Catholic Responses to the Vulnerability of the French Parish Church: Continuities, Disruptions and Hopes

Marie-Hélène Robert NDA

The “Liturgy after the Liturgy” and Deep Solidarity. The Orthodox Understanding of Christian Witness and its Implications for Human Society

Fr. Cristian Sonea


'Mission Hits Journals' is a ministry of

For questions, comments, or suggestions, email

To receive each posting by email, go to

For biweekly email with links to significant popular-level mission-related resources, visit



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