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Mission Hits Christmas Special 2023

Welcome to Mission Hits, a monthly blog highlighting stimulating and significant recent resources related to world mission and world Christianity.

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Welcome to Mission Hits Christmas Special 2023!

We've had 11 editions of Mission Hits throughout 2023, so I thought we could finish the year with something a little bit different to celebrate the season! (And there's not so many new missions resources/events going on in December anyway…)


So here is our first ever Mission Hits Christmas Special!


No huge structure or plan here to be honest, but here's a few links (some from this year, some previous years) helping us to ponder and participate in God's mission purposes as we celebrate and reflect on the coming of Jesus.


Thank you so very much for being a Mission Hits reader/subscriber. I'm so honoured to be able to serve and benefit you with these monthly blogs. Here's to many more wonderful missions resources through 2024!


Have a good one, folks.


Chris (Howles)

Mission Partner: Crosslinks (UK)

Doctorate in Intercultural Theology (Fuller Theological Seminary)


p.s As always, if you know anyone who might find this a useful monthly resource to receive, then please do pass this on and encourage them to sign up. And please feel free to send me any suggestions or feedback (


A beautiful liturgy/poem/prayer by Bradley Bell for those serving cross-culturally over Christmas (and other holidays where they might feel far from home). Is there anyone you might send this to this week to bless them?


Alex Kocman from ABWE writes about the mission emphases of some of our most cherished carols.


Gospel Coalition article by Kristen Montgomery encouraging senders/supporters/partners to reach out to missionaries over Christmas.


David Platt explains one important implication in this 2-min YouTube video.


Some brief, fun descriptions of how different people around the world celebrate/commemorate Christmas.


Brief article by Mike Frith of with some suggested ways to support or encourage mission partners far away this Christmas.


Two 13-min videos from Jeannie Marie helping Christians think about effective ways to quickly but faithfully explain to their Muslim and Hindu friends why Christmas matters to us…and them! Muslims here and Hindus here


This is not the 'jolly' Christmas blog title you imagine. A gritty blog post from British missiologist Eddie Arthur, but a very real one, and that makes it beautiful and practical.


"Very often, the Christmas season is a difficult time for missionaries. How can we use this holiday season to ensure that we care for those that have been sent." 30-min episode from 'The Sent Life' podcast.


15-min episode from 'The Sent Life' podcast again, this time asking us to consider for whom in our communities and global contexts might this be their 'first Christmas'?


Full searchable archives of all Mission Hits resources from edition #1



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