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Mission Hits #1 (July 2020)

Welcome to Mission Hits, a fortnightly blog highlighting stimulating and significant recent resources related to world Christianity, world church, and world mission.

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"As it turns out, at about that time, “God” as depicted in the form of Jesus Christ was beginning to look more and more like me. Only I didn’t know it." This New York Times article captures some of the different viewpoints involved in the issue of how we represent Jesus worldwide. Really interesting.

And one more quickly - a photographer who dressed up people of many different ethnicities as Bible characters. Fascinating and beautiful.

Christianity Today article: "Because of this opposition, there has been a prayer movement that resulted in great unity among the national Christian community. Churches have begun to overlook their historical denominational divisions, bringing the Indian church to the cusp of revival"




Mission hits is a ministry of

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Please note that I choose links to resources I find stimulating and/or significant. Posting a link does not mean I personally agree with everything there!


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