www.fromeverynation.net is a resource I would enjoy and benefit from. I pray that others will feel the same. And that’s why I’ve set it up. At its heart of this website is a blog called 'Mission Hits'. 

Mission Hits fromeverynation.net

Who should sign up? Well, anyone who wants to listen to and learn from the world church, engage with the breadth and depth of world Christianity, and engage positively with issues in world mission today as they seek to honour and glorify Jesus Christ in their lives.


You might be on a church missions committee, work for a missions society, or be a cross-cultural missionary yourself.

You might be a church leader seeking to help your congregation participate in mission both home and abroad.  

You might be a Christian interested in learning more about such things but not knowing where to start.


Whoever you are, you’re welcome to sign up to ‘Mission Hits’ and give it a try. I think you’ll like it. SIGN UP HERE

Each entry of Mission Hits is structured according to the following categories, with no more than 3 entries for each category:

  • Essentials (if you only have time for 3 clicks, make it these)

  • General (excellent articles well worth reading)

  • Audio-Visual (podcasts, videos...)

  • Digging Deeper (more technical/academic resources)

  • Books (the pick of recent releases)

  • Miscellaneous (None of the above!)

  • Mission Quotes (thought-provoking one-liners)

  • And Finally... (unrelated things I found interesting this week)

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ALL entries in each edition of Mission Hits are archived into easily-searchable tables on this website.

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